Printing in Woodlands, a botanical journey

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In the Woodland’s area in the West end of Glasgow lies a community garden.
Little heaven of peace encased in the middle of Victorian architecture, it is where keen local gardeners, and others gather regularly to tend to their small patch (allotments). Green and lush it has been growing for a few years around the corner from my studio. The Botanics in it are varied and a reflect of the each gardener’s identity and their effort to make them grow. Seasonal trees mix with fruit and vegetable and leaves are abundant. There are hanging apples for the birds, a bug hotel, and many … many different type of fruit and vegetables.

Recording the gardeners’ journey, unleashing creativity based on the elements found in the garden, passing on my knowledge of Eco printing (printing the leaf with no “man made ink”, engaging on a journey to allow the gardeners and others to set on the page the beauty of their hard work and dedication, engaging with a local community group to allow them to see “converse” via the natural print medium… are some my reasons for approaching the group with a Botanical Print project.

Along the month we will record the seasons by printing the ever changing colours of leaves and plants onto paper and recycled cloth… hopefully with the help of everyone.

I am hopping to run a great workshop at the beginning of the autumn to engage the gardeners and the others with techniques all creative like, printing, drawing, stitching etc…

The late autumn production of a memory book based on printing/dyeing with Botanical on paper/cloth/recycled elements produced/collected locally. I want to leave this to flow organically to allow an input from the gardeners (and others).

I am hoping to have enough elements at the end of October to organise an exhibition of everyone’s work in the Working Space in November. Where we will be able to rejoice at whatever work we produced.

Involving and training one of the gardeners with the Eco Printing technique to create a link between the artist and the garden.. Betty, one of the volunteers would be my fav candidate… she took part in one of my workshops last september and was so good… Betty working with Betty can only produce a great miracle of work…

Please come and check regularly what we are up to.

Keep well… Love Betty xxx

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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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  1. I am signed up for your Eventbrite class on May 29th. I have not heard anything about supplies or how to join on that day. The money has already been processed so, I know I was excepted…Please contact me! Thanks!


    1. Hello Christine thank you for reaching out you will receive an email tomorrow or may be tonight it has been programmed are you a Uk or an overseas participant ? If a Uk there is a starter pack travelling to you … if you need to contact me again you can use my email have a great evening. Elisabzth


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