Find here my latest workshops and booking options. For now I am only teaching remotely because of Covid19 restrictions.

If you want to take part in one of my workshops please select your workshop below and make a payment, paypal will give you an option to use credit cards.

You will be registered under the email address and contact details related to your payment. If you would like this to be modified contact me by email after your payment has gone through so we can connect. The web-links will arrive to your registered address make sure you have me as a contact so they dont get lost in your spams.


This workshop is taking place on the 26/ 27 september between 12 noon and 3pm UK time. You will need streaming internet to follow the zoom online sessions. All bookings are final. The starter pack is available below. Alternatively you can provide your own material/dyes/mordant with the list supplied This is a perfect online workshop for beginners, in two sessions you will learn the basic of creating a Botanical Print on fabric. You will learn to prepare, print and finish your cloth. Via an interactive set of pre workshop notes, home preparations and live sessions you will learn how to get clear prints on a selection of material on scarf sizes cloth. Day 1: We will work at understanding our process, we will mordant our fabric and practise a print on a recycled cloth. Day 2: We will combine some natural dye and tanin with our mordants and plants to produce some stunning printed pieces on both Bamboo cloth and silk scarves. I will demonstrate those techniques in the live session. You can join me or work after with the video repeat. What is included: Pre workshop notes for preparations. PDF instructions to keep. The tuition over two live zoom sessions and access to the videos for two months One Show and tell session one week after the event to share results. What you will learn: You will learn how to prepare and mordant cellulose and protein fiber You will learn how to create an imprint from your leaves and get guidance on what "a good printing leaf is" as well as working on leaf composition. You will learn how to use a blanket to create a background to your print in a simple manner, how to use one natural dye and one tannin to create colour on your cloth and how to "finish" your printed material to enjoy them for time to come.



This starter pack will provide you with cloth, mordants, tannins and dyes for the Botanical Printing and Natural dyes workshop on cloth Septembre 2020. This price includes UK delivery shipping cost if live elsewhere please email me before buying to check I can post and what the additional shipping cost is.



This is an online workshop on the 18th september between 5pm and 7pm UK time using the Zoom platform , it is safe and easy but you should have access to a smart phone or a computer/tablet before you book. No refund will be operated at anytime on the basis of lack of online equipment. You will be sent a link before the event to access it. Spend two hours learning how to create beautiful print on paper using botanical elements (leaves and flowers) and natural dyes you have access in your own kitchen... I have been an eco printer for many years and work regularly with paper as well as fabric... it gives me a chance to make some books... wrapping paper... cards... it is a simple process and always works... It is perfect to do with children and for beginners. If you live in the UK you will receive a starter pack allowing you to "have a go" synchronised to this online workshop. I am afraid that if you are overseas with the current Covid19 situation I will not be able to offer you the facility of a starter pack as it might never reach you. Instead upon receiving your booking I will send you a list of equipment you need.. trust me it is very little ... You will receive a small discount on the price. You will be able to take part on the day using small rolls and paper I will send you ahead of the workshop (in the UK only).... or just to view and take notes while having a go at a later stage. This will take place over a zoom link online and you will have the chance to ask direct questions as well as seeing the process in direct. I work in UK time (London time) but I have set up this event so participants from the USA can follow at a decent time After the event you will receive an emailed PDF with the basic instructions. If you have any questions you can email me on bettysbeautifullife@gmail.com



See description for this workshop above. The offer is the same but no starter pack... You will receive a list of the required ingredients or equipment.


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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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