The True Colour of the Cotinus, make blue prints… 100 Eco Printers cant go wrong

The True Colour of the Cotinus, make blue print PDF instruction and workshop video

TO PURCHASE USE THE LINK BELOW. YOU WILL RECEIVE A LINK BY EMAIL WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR PURCHASE… REMEMBER I MIGHT NOT BE IN THE SAME TIME ZONE AS YOU This is a pdf instruction method to make blue prints when eco printing Cotinus leaves onto paper. It is part of an experiment on the Cotinus leaves. When purchasing it you will get a simple method to print Cotinus leaves onto paper but also the video replay of September 2020 online video with 100 eco printers from around the world to try and obtain the colour blue from the Cotinus leave. After this mass testing most participants obtained the colour blue from their leaves following the method put in place by Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw. When purchasing this method you are not just buying a PDF instruction … you are joining a working group. Updates and follow up workshops are planned and advertised for on a dedicated FB group.


Cotinus tree known from oder Natural dyers as Young Fustic for the yellow dye they used to extract from it has over the past few years become of the best known leaf to print by Eco Printers. Its very strong tannin content has long attracted me as one of the leaf to have on board but also to be worried about… If not balanced by similar strong leaves it can look overpowering in a composition. You need to be sure to have a suitable barrier to prevent the leaf from ghostic on various layers.

It gives a wonderfully detailed print and if mixed with ferrous sulfate a strong reddish print… But then I dont really print on fabric a lot of the time… My favorite is paper… Fabriano drawing and sketching 200 grs paper… and this blue print appeared once or twice… So I started feeling I had to make sure that I was in control of the colour of my print…

Some eco printers like the magical mystery of the unknown result… I like control when it comes to printing. While I was not lucky to study chemistry but my bedside book is Catherine Ellis “The Art and Science of Natural Dyes” and I like studying my results, I like testing again and again until I fully understand how to achieve some results… There are two ways to insure a combination of fibre/mordant/dye works … You can test it 100 times or you can get 100 people to test it once at the same time. I just though the later would be more fun…

In August 2020 in full blast Covid I launched The True Colour of the Cotinus project… Online… on Zoom… with 100 participants from all over the world…

We just talked about the project online and 100 participants came forward to take part… together we used one method I suggested and Eco Printed on a variety of paper beautiful Cotinus prints… Here are some… They are all illustrated in the private Face group group I created… called “The True Colour of the Cotinus” from South Africa to Canada participants searched for the perfect leaf… ordered plants… from garden centers… and printed on paper.

The first event was on the 1st of August. On a sunday morning 10am UK time we met on zoom and I ran a one hour workshop online. During that time I gave away one of my techniques to print on paper and participants delivered beautiful prints… some red, some purple, some green and some BLUE … We all marvelled and participants connected… I answered douzains of emails, messages, texts… everyone liked the blue print A LOT … so my next step was to find out how to make blue…

For the following months I ran douzains of trials trying all the techniques used by the participants who had got blue… Many used the same mordant/type of paper and after twitching I came up with a new method to test… and the second workshop was born…

On the 20th of Septembre I ran a second event online with 107 participants… we used the method I had tested douzains of times. And we made blue prints… many blue prints…

100 Eco printers cant be wrong… when all around the globe we do the same thing (well pretty much) and we get the same result even if our leaves are a bit different, our paper too and our water has different PH.

Participants from Australia, New Zeeland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, Italy, Switzwerland… are all going crazy about Blue Prints… 281 participants in the FB group and many applying…

I used to travel the world to teach Eco Printing and last February I went all the way to Thailand… And then in February Covid kicked in … we went into lockdown… that means no travel for me… but fear not I started working on zoom and Ok my style is a bit rusty but my participants know how much passion I have to share with them my project… Together we will make the Cotinus rainbow… I used to travel the world but now the world is travelling to me virtually and together… We are testing the Cotinus leaves to find out its best colours…

Join me for an online workshop it is a lot of fun and studying with people from all over in time of Covid is really refreshing …. Here you will find my offer …

A “The True Colour of the Cotinus, made blue prints ” PDF will be available soon…

Lots of love

Betty xx

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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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  1. please tell me how I can buy the
    The True Colour of the Cotinus, make blue print PDF instruction and workshop video
    for £20 as advertised. sorry I cant see how to pay.

    Lois Buckley


    1. Lois if you get into the blog post and click the link in the box that says pay with PayPal in the box about the pdf … you should be able to see it it is right at the top of the blog post


  2. ‘You need to be sure to have a suitable barrier to prevent the leaf from ghostic on various layers.’ I would like to confirm before I purchase that the ‘suitable barrier’ is NOT a petro chemical derivative? ie, glad wrap, plastic wrap etc. Thank you kindly


  3. I just purchased thru PayPal and no email came in … I’ve checked my junk mail and it’s not there either


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