Sharing my Studio Space with you #shareyourcreativespace on Instagram

Recently I have been speaking to a few friends again on the phone and this week starting making grand plans to teach online an amazing collaboration workshop with my most creative friend Cassandra Barron … Its like a black cloud has lifted from over my head…. Covid is not over but I am connecting again…Continue reading “Sharing my Studio Space with you #shareyourcreativespace on Instagram”

#2019 CraftsNine challenge – a year full of learning crafts in a challenge !

Would you like to join me on my #2019craftsnine challenge onĀ Instagram to channel my creativity towards a better end result ? I will also post on a Face book page This is about being creative and pushing your creative boundaries further… in an organised manner .. Through my #2019craftsnine I want to give myself aContinue reading “#2019 CraftsNine challenge – a year full of learning crafts in a challenge !”

#mackintosh150 – THE BIG MACK PROJECT

EVENTS: For those interested to discover Mackintosh stencilling that is see some original stencilling as well as practise your brushstrokes why don’t you book yourself on one of my Stencilling Mackintosh Discovery days? I am running them once a month between May and October on the last friday of the month… If you are aContinue reading “#mackintosh150 – THE BIG MACK PROJECT”