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20th September – My sponsors are local business !

Any good project relies on a great idea, some supporters, a pile of hard work and … A number of well meaning sponsors !

That is why this year I decided to approach three local companies for some help and guess what… They said yes ! what a relief to have both the moral support and some financial help in the form of products and services.

Mandors the Fabric Store is a family business in the Garnethill area. Very well appointed shop with a small team of very dedicated staff and the owner Michael always about. If you need fabric, or haberdashery they will for sure have what you need… they always do. I have known them for many years… and I though it normal to go speak to Micheal about my needs in term of material, I am so touched by their generosity… If you need any fabric for dress making make your way there its the best place in town.

Hobs Repro is a country wide repro company which has been dealing with printing and communication over the years. ! when they offered to run my banners I was overjoyed ! it will be a real pleasure having some graphics telling the public to shy to ask what they are…

Who does not know CASSART? they supply material for art and crafts in the whole country… Last year they had giving me a small stypen to spend on brushes and other arty things for The Big Rose project. So naturally I visited them and I found I was talking to the store manager and more or less getting an offer for paint, brushes, paper etc…

My sponsors are part of our project and I am very pleased to stepping in and helping in the process.

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5th September – we visit the Hill House with Hermitage

Today was the first day of The Big Banner project and I made my way to The Hill House to meet there 20 pupils from Hermitage academy. The first Big Banner workshop will be ran on the 26th of September @ the Mackintosh Club. With the Hermitage academy pupils we will be using stencilling and other techniques to create a banner and today I took the pupils to visit The Hill House. We looked at designs, symbols, colours, techniques and traditions in the Victorian Interior.

I am looking forward to pick up my graphics from Hobs Reprographics in the West end. This very local branch of Hobs Repro have offered to sponsor the graphics part of my project. I am very touched by the generosity of the local companies around me. Hobs are not the only one who want to help… A very local family business Mandors textile are helping with some of the cloth and Cassart in our city center will supply some of the Art Material. It is a great pleasure to see this project being embraced by a good number of very generous individuals.

Most of my events are now up online on this website as well as on the Glasgow Mackintosh website and some of the paid events are already fully booked.  Thank God we have a good number of drop in Free events to welcome the public too.





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