Use PULP ! Make paper !

Every year I take a couple of days off to learn a new technique, something fun which I have not done before and I might just be able to incorporate in my own work ! I came across PULP the paper making workshop in Glasgow through Cassandra from Bookbinding with Cass an Edinburgh book binding with whom I run collaborative workshops. Paper making sounded fun and I hope I might be able to produce some great paper to Eco print with Alison.

Alison Newman the artist who runs PULP IS an ex GSA graduate (a printer in fact) and post graduate … she is very generous with her time. Its a wonderful studio located in the East End WASP facilities. Its big, clean, with loads of really exciting equipment and loads of fibres I can not identify… Kozo, Gampi, Mitsumata… and bog standard … Cotton but mixed in a pulp form they all make the most beautiful hand made paper !

Alison runs numerous workshops, assists artists who want to use the facilities, produces snow white hand made paper etc.. and is the most generous artist around… I had booked really quite early but because of the very bad snow storm that week end in Glasgow the workshop almost got cancelled as participants could not make it there… people from Orkney, London etc… Paper making draws crowds… but Alisan realising how keen I was agreed to run the workshop just for me and my daughter…

Upon arrival we were introduced to the different kind of fibres, how to treat them, to clean them, to blend them etc… and gave us a go at at least 6 different of paper… We then added “bits” that is torn pages of books, glitter, cut up pieces of silver, dried leaves from the Glasgow Botanics last autumn, etc… to make our very own textured paper with dried “stuff” just lovely paper I can not wait to get once it has spent time under the press…

All along I was so impressed about all the very professional equipment available for the running of the workshop… off course you can make paper at home using old newspapers and a blender… but this is top professional paper making using traditional technique, material and ingredients you don’t get to do everyday… The Huge Hollander that is necessary to transform your old clothing into the most beautiful paper… Alison runs workshops with therapists to groups wanting a way to overcome grief. What a great way to join creativity and overcoming difficult life moments.

Homework that night was to prepare a watermark, something representing you and hand cut, Its a design that prevents the fibre to be to opaque in the shape of the design you have made.  We casted a few leaves of paper… and then:

We went all creative, adding small pieces of the collages, some inprint, some cuts out pieces of artwork made earlier… we stencilled via plastic stencils, and other shapes, using coloured slip… all togher a great creative moment…


Making paper is just a really nice technique, it allows you to free your brain:) the time you need to wait for the draining would help anyone recycling,,,

I am to collect my papers later this week.. get ready to be marvelled.

If you want to know about Alison ‘workshops please look HERE.

I hope you enjoy the visuals…

Best wishes.


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