Ecoprint on paper for Art the PDF

If you order this PDF you will receive a receipt for your order and within the next few hours an email with the link to the method. This is been sent manually to you please remember I live in what is may be a different time zone than you… If you have not received your link 24 hours after purchasing the method please email me

My name is Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw I am an Eco printing and Natural dyed artist from Glasgow Scotland. I was trained by Christies in Decorative Arts… I was for many years a stenciller … that might just be why I like working with paper and I think the result shows.

In this pdf I will share my techniques of Ecoprinting on paper and some of the variations I have created during the past few years to make striking and colourful prints. I will also share a way to create a discharging paste that you will be able to use to print and stamp on your prints. Your final results will be a reflexion of your creativity and the botanical elements around you.

This PDF is perfect for beginners and more experienced printers. It allows you to work in your own speed and you can access it for life

In this PDF 10 000 words, 6 video links, many photos including a step by step showing how to produce each type of bundle.

In my method I am taking you by the hand wether you are a beginner or a more experienced printer:

I am sharing with you how to:

  • Extract natural dye using original dye matter to make dye bath
  • How to collect leaves and store over winter season
  • How to understand and prepare your equipment, (pots, steamers, mordant containers)
  • How to understand the material you choose to work on … what type of paper…
  • How to work with your mordants and dyes to obtain certain colours
  • How to create texture in the background of your prints
  • How to use tannin to create background or marks
  • How to create a discharge paste to add further marks on your paper prints.

My method has been tried and tested by myself for the past 5 years and by hundreds participants online live on zoom over the Covid year and in a PDF format… Participants from every regional geographic location in the world… participants using different type of vegetation and dyes…

You will as well as the PDF obtain my constant help via a Facebook group or by emails and some regular live sessions.

Ecoprinting on paper for Art the PDF

In this PDF instruction I will share with you my technique developed over several years of Ecoprinting on paper to get clear and colourful prints using Botanical material and Natural dyes. We will explore via the PDF text and a number of videos 3 methods (simmering in dyes, dyes and tannin blankets, Iron blanket, steaming with blankets, texture blankets) on a variety of paper using several natural dyes or tannins. You will learn to: – Select paper – Understand your leaves fresh and dried. – Understand mordants and dyes and extract your dyes from nature – Put together your equipment – Print your paper – Learning to discharge text or designs from your prints – Finish and seal your paper so you can use it for making books, putting on a frame, using for greeting cards…


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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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  1. Hello!! Congratulations!! Beautiful work.I am an artist in the same area as you,but I do not teach,I just enjoy doing them,and been with the nature!!. I Live I my own farm in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.I am specialist on handmade paper.i been working for 30 years,and I enjoy it.Again my congratulations.


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