Christmas studio boxes and Ink bottles are back

Last year I decided to de stash my studio before refurbishing it and made available some studio boxes… They were made of samples of hand dyed fabric and yarn, ecoprinted pieces… all small pieces (minimum 10 x 10 cms) of paper and yarn/fabric, a minimum of 9, in a flat carboard box. Really diverse (all are different) they were popular with the stitchers, the mixed media artists… and many received them for Xmas.

I am not planning to refurbish this year but as I have been asked many times for those boxes I have decided to offer them again for delivery December. They are available below.

I have also made huge batch of my Oak gall black ink. It is very special for drawing and writing and is a very traditional ink. Delivered in bottles of 60 ml with Oakgalls corn.

They will be sent the first week of December to the address linked with the paypal account used to buy them. If you want your box sent elsewhere, send me by email a different address ( They each contain a lovely eco-printed card with my good wishes on it…

Eco Studio box for UK postage (see below for sending overseas)

Despatch for those will be beginning of December. A lovely individual box filled with hand dyed (natural dyes only) fabric samples and yarn (silk, cotton, linen and hemp), eco-printed paper and fabric. A Unique hand made card signed with good wishes by myself for the recipient. A minimum of 9 pieces of minimum 10 x 10 cm. This cost includes UK mainland despatch, for America, Australia, Europe pick a postage below and you can email me if you want me to ship this elsewhere on … I can advise for postage. Those will be sent as gift with an export form it is possible you are charged extra for duty but the value is very low.


Oak gall natural black ink, bottle of 60 ml (UK postage included, see below for overseas)

Despatch will be done for this beginning of December. This is a bottle of hand made ink of the darkest way. Made according to an ancient recipe of the Oak Gall ink, this ink is versatile and will give you a lot more detail and texture than any other ink you know. In a glass bottle sent with a few oak galls to inform the recipient and good wishes on a hand made card. This is for UK delivery included, pick a postage below for America, Europe or Australia but if you want me to ship it elsewhere ask me for a link for the additional postage by emailing me on Those will be sent a gifts with a customs duty form and it is possible you may have a small cost to pay upon arrival.


Despatch for up to two of the items above for EUROPE (that is including Switzerland)

Postage cost for this includes any mainland European countries for up to two items above. For odd destinations please email me for a quote.


Despatch for up to two of the items above for AMERICA (North and South countries) and AUSTRALIA mainland only

Postage cost for this includes any mainland American countries for up to two items above. For odd destinations please email me for a quote.


I hope those will be of interest to you and give a lot of pleasure to your creative friends…


Betty xx

Published by bettysbeautifullife

I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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