My Indigo diaries 2022 – The Indigo plot (late June) news – Planting the Indigo and – Meet the growers … Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw

June has come and is almost gone in Glasgow, the weather is finally warm and we have a lot of sun, and our Japanese Indigo, Woad, Flax, Madder, Genista plants are in the ground at #theindigoplot. They are growing strong and the Indigo pigment is starting showing in the green leaves of the Indigo plants. I feared slugs attack but they have not come.

We had a fantastic planting day two weeks ago with some volunteers coming to help, all plants went in the ground and we even fond some time to make a few blue shibori prints on cotton using a quick Indigo vat. The sun was shining and #theindigoplot came alive.


Our next event will be an afternoon Indigo workshop in the Botanical Kibble Palace. One in July FIND INFO HERE and one in August FIND INFO HERE During those sessions we will set up Indigo vats, dye Shibori pieces and use fresh Japanese Indigo leaves to create blue yarn.


Over the past couple of months I have introduced some home growers but I think it is time I introduce myself as a grower.


Who are you?      Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw

What do you do ?  I am a textile artist based in the West end of Glasgow (Scotland), I run a sustainable studio and work with natural dyes and botanical prints. I am passionate about Indigo in all forms. I teach in person and online classes in Indigo dyeing, Botanical printing. I love community projects, involving many to share creative tasks.

I lead #thetruecolourofthecotinus project. A global online Botanical printing project involving over 500 participants worldwide.

I initiated #Theindigoplot a natural dye project. A natural dye garden in the grounds of the Glasgow Botanical garden. There I have planted 4 types of Japanese Indigo, some Woad

What is your connection with dye plants and Indigo? I have been using dye plants and natural Indigo for a good few years but in 2021 I started growing them first in my own urban garden. When travelling to South East Asia I have built up a strong connection with Indigo dyeing and I have practiced there, vat building and pigment extraction. In 2022 I have started #theindigoplot a natural dye garden in the grounds of the Glasgow Botanical garden. From seed to colour is the idea behind the garden. Educating the visitors to how colours in natural dyed cloth are created.

Where will it grow and how will it be used? In 2022 I will be growing dye plants both in my home based urban garden, in box beds for my own personal use in my studio practise and in the Indigo plot. There I will be growing Japanese Indigo (4 types), Woad, Madder, Genista, Weld, and some dye flowers as well as Flax. I want to give visitors to the garden a chance to view the plants and experiment with them via workshops and demonstrations during the summer season. I will be running online and in person workshops on Indigo and natural dye techniques.

On the 10/11th of September during The True Colour of the Cotinus exhibition I will be demonstrating natural dyes in the Glasgow Botanical Kibble palace. On the 18th of September as part of the Glasgow Doors open days a visit of the garden will be offered together with a demonstration of dyeing with Fresh leaves.

For information about events in The Indigo Plot check the FB group

You can also follow the growth of the dye garden by following my Instagram page

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