“LEAVES ON PAPER”, a self paced Botanical Contact Printing on paper online course

I am happy to announce the release of my new online self paced Botanical printing on paper course.

After booking a space you will be receiving a link to a web page where you will find the instructions in the form of 12 lessons. The course is released for the first time on the 1st of Septembre. One lesson is released every two weeks. Once all the lessons will be live anyone booking into the course will get the whole course in one go.

You will also be admitted on the Facebook page support of the course. There you will be able to share results and exchange with other participants.

There is a progression in the course and some real learning. I will be at hand for questions but there are no live sessions included in the course. However you get to keep the instructions after you are done.

It is perfect for beginners and more experience printers alike. To book a space please use the link below:

Dye and stitch


WAS £120 This is an online course in Botanical Contact Printing on paper. It is perfect for beginners as it teaches step by step. It is based on written instructions, photos and video material, a FB for support and from time to time a live session. Release for the 1st lesson, is 1st of Septembre. The other 11 lessons will be released one at a time every two weeks. Once the whole course is live it will stay live. You have access for life.


Botanical Contact printing on paper is a wonderful technique allowing you to record nature around you to create beautiful prints on a variety of paper. Using knowledge and techniques that have a lot in common with Natural dyeing, it only uses Botanicals and no added acrylic or synthetic colours to create wonderful marks.

The seasons, the places visited and the happy and special times can be recorded in beautiful art work, prints, botanical diaries, and others and beautiful pieces and memories for times to come.

I am a Botanical Printer and a Natural dyer and I live in Glasgow Scotland. My Art practice is sustainable and I work with Nature around me to create prints and colours on all fibre. I research my methods and I teach them online live, and in person workshops.

I have been teaching Contact Botanical Printing for a few years now and I love sharing my techniques allowing all that I teach to become also expert in the technique. So far I have taught this method in an online live 12 months course and in physical workshops but many have asked me to put together a self paced course, more practical when time is precious or time zones different.

This is my new online self paced course and I would love you to join my community of printers.

With this course you will learn :

  • to understand your fibres and mordants
  • to select your equipment for a practical home studio
  • to recognise your leaves and what they can do for you, (colours created, colour modified)
  • to save your leaves for winter printing
  • to extract dyes and tannins via natural dye matters foraged or purchased.
  • to create dye, tannin and ferrous blankets
  • to simmer and steam for different results
  • to understand ph shift and play with it
  • to create a botanical paste to over print
  • to create amazing prints and to neutralise and finish them.

This course is web based and includes 12 chapters (instructions, photos and small videos material). From Septembre 1st 2022 they will be delivered one by one via email link, every two weeks. Once the course is completely online you get to keep it. Participants who join after the 1st of septembre will get immediate access to all that has already been released. There is no limit of time for booking. The course is for you to keep and You will have access to a FB group for support. I will visit the group several times a week and answer your questions.

You will be part of an online community and I look forward to meet you there.

Some of my previous participants say…

” There was so much to learn and you made it so easy with your step by step method”

“I love being in control of my prints and understanding my results”

“Recognising dyes to tannin was always an issue, I now know which will give me the effect I want”

“You made me love the leaves around me, they now tell me a story”

“I am amazed about my results… I did not think I had a creative bone in me and I love the results I am getting now”

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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

3 thoughts on ““LEAVES ON PAPER”, a self paced Botanical Contact Printing on paper online course

  1. Hello Elisabeth.
    This course looks very interesting.I shall be away in France weaving until Sept 9. but would like to take part if appropriate.I have done quite a lot of natural dyeing, mainly on hand spun wool and grow quite a lot of dye plants as well as having established a dye garden in the village where I live on Arran. However I have never done any printing and would be fascinated to learn how to print on paper.


    1. Hello Tessa,

      That would be lovely to have you on board. You don’t need to work from the 1st September. That is only the date this is launched but after that it is pretty much in your own time. I run an alternative course which has live sessions on zoom from April every year but many asked me to branch out on something more flexible which is what I have done here. I think you will make great prints… Don’t underestimate the Reed grass I see growing on Arran. It gives great prints/dye … are you away just now ? I am arriving on Arran and was hopping to catch up the dye garden ?


      1. I am not sure if my first relywent through as Iamjustgetting used to the system.
        I leave for France next Wednesday so would be happy to link up and visit the garden. Its part of the Lochranza Pioneer Project garden opposite the distillery. When are you coming to Arran? I shall actually be at the garden tomorrow 3.30 for a short while but am happy to link up at some other time if that is not a good time for you.


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