Printing in Woodlands, the exhibition

I am a Botanical printer, a Natural dyer and a grower of colours and fibres. I work with Nature to create Art and reflect special moments. 

Trained in Decorative Arts by Christie’s Scotland and the UofG I spent many years recreating wall decorative schemes decayed by time. The desire to be more sustainable and a need for constant learning through my processes sent me in the direction of Eco techniques and for 8 years now I have never looked back. I find my supplies in the garden and the local park. 

In my West end of Glasgow sustainable studio I work only with Botanical resources and natural fibres I find on my journey. Whether it is recycled bed linen or hand woven silk from India, it has a story. I make sure my process adds to that story. I believe that all objects and creations are only with us for a short period, we don’t owe them… We keep them for a period of time and if working with them we give them a new meaning. We will pass them on to others who will love them for a period. 

I find my best work is done when interacting with others, wether in creating or teaching, the exchange creates situations where Nature becomes an essential source of 

Printing in Woodlands – 

The exhibition 

The idea about “Printing in Woodlands” came out of a community project I ran with the Glasgow based Woodlands Community garden prior to the Covid pandemic. To curate it I have looked at my practise. 

I have selected a number of unique printed pieces on fabric and paper linked with my project below 

– Selected pieces printed in the Woodlands garden with beginners, passer’s by and gardeners. All from recycled material.

– Selected pieces printed when visiting South East Asia for collaborations with local communities

The true colour of the Teak… We picked some leaves on the side of the ricefield. Golf and Dook knew which tree were best and while we were busy doing this… uncle stopped by to enquire to what we were doing… The farmer also stopped his bike to our strange sight. Their chic-hat in Thai and the noises of the paddy-field, the smell of the country side and the heat of the sun rising will stay with me every-time I think about this moment… Thailand December 2022

– Selected pieces printed by myself as part of the online “The True Colour of the Cotinus” project, mainly during the Covid pandemic. 

A large part of my practise consist into working with participants at grass roots level and it is my joy to see their first steps. Some of those pieces are those first steps.

I decided to curate my own exhibition of Botanical moments selecting pieces I made and others made with me but linked with specific moments of my Eco life. They are old friends that reminds me discovering, learning, sharing and laughter. 

They are also a great record of fibre and botanicals I find wherever I am and a sketchbook of my constant learning process. 

What Covid taught me is that no pandemic, no travel restriction or lockdown situation will make me static, there is always a way to reach out. The internet has become a new way for me to connect with isolated participants who want to join in my eco adventure. 

I have invited two Scottish artists to take part through collaboration… their creation of a familiar object with my paper. 

  • A piece of weaving using my botanical printed paper and some communal words by Katherine Cowtan, Scottish weaver from Fintry.
  • A hand stitched book using my printed paper by Cassandra Barron, Scottish bookbinder from Edinburgh.

I have created three online courses for my online community, they will allow all to take part in this amazing celebration of all Botanical printed things… They will be live on the 18th of February via the link below and will be about Printing, weaving paper and bookbinding: 

My short bio and recent Art projects:

Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw, 

The Lansdowne House, Glasgow.      


 1990 – Decorative Arts Diploma, Christie’s Scotland and UofG

2019 – “Printing in Woodlands” Community project with The Woodlands Community garden

2019 – Collaborative trip to Chiangmai, Thailand, Natural dye and Ecoprint

2020 – Skill shares in Northern Thailand in Sakhon-Nakhon, Chiangmai, Ubon

2020 – “The True Colour of the Cotinus” online Ecoprinting project launch

2021 – “Kunst Ameland” Botanical printing residency in Ameland.

2022 – “The Indigo plot” creation of the Indigo garden in Glasgow.

2022 – “The True Colour of the Cotinus” exhibition, Glasgow

2022 – Collaborative trip to Chiangmai, Sakhon Nakhon Thailand, 2023 – “Printing in Woodlands” exhibition, Kirkintilloch.

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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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