Ecoprint on paper for Art the PDF

My name is Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw I am an Eco printing and Natural dyed artist from Glasgow Scotland. I was trained by Christies in Decorative Arts… I was for many years a stenciller … that might just be why I like working with paper and I think the result shows. In this pdf I willContinue reading “Ecoprint on paper for Art the PDF”

Make Tea and Print – Ecoprinting on paper workshop PDF and Video

This is about a simple Botanical Printing workshop I ran in December 2020 during my first ever online Virtual Open Studio in Glasgow with about 100 registered participants. During that day I welcomed in my studio many from the comfort of their own home and we shared about being safely at home and enjoying theContinue reading “Make Tea and Print – Ecoprinting on paper workshop PDF and Video”

My teaching for groups and organisations

I run individual workshops for groups and organisations. I cover the subject of Ecoprinting and Indigo vats (Fructose, Ferrous and Hydrosulfate). I work on cellulose fibers and protein fibers as well as paper. Wether you are a weavers’ guild or a community group I will tailor a workshop for your needs and deliver in personContinue reading “My teaching for groups and organisations”

The True Colour of the Cotinus, make blue prints… 100 Eco Printers cant go wrong

Cotinus tree known from oder Natural dyers as Young Fustic for the yellow dye they used to extract from it has over the past few years become of the best known leaf to print by Eco Printers. Its very strong tannin content has long attracted me as one of the leaf to have on boardContinue reading “The True Colour of the Cotinus, make blue prints… 100 Eco Printers cant go wrong”

From Nearly Black to White lets do Tannin

If you want to take part in my online block of 4 workshops exploring the beautiful techniques you can achieve with tannin and iron look here Did you know that Oak galls (or Oak apples) were used in Roman times to make black ink and that between the Middle ages and modern times coupledContinue reading “From Nearly Black to White lets do Tannin”

Sharing my Studio Space with you #shareyourcreativespace on Instagram

Recently I have been speaking to a few friends again on the phone and this week starting making grand plans to teach online an amazing collaboration workshop with my most creative friend Cassandra Barron … Its like a black cloud has lifted from over my head…. Covid is not over but I am connecting again…Continue reading “Sharing my Studio Space with you #shareyourcreativespace on Instagram”