From Weeds and Rags !

JOIN ME FOR SOME FUN !  You can join me most Wednesday in the Woodlands Community gardens in Glasgow to help printing the garden through the seasons… this runs from 1pm to 4pm and is free, the work produced is kept for the project exhibition later this week. details here I will run a full dayContinue reading “From Weeds and Rags !”

Blue dye for the spinning ladies !

My next Indigo workshop week end is in Glasgow on the 7/8 September look Here for detail I love passing on my passion for blue to whoever wants to learn to dye with Indigo. Over the past years I have spent many days teaching numerous participants to Indigo Shibori their cloth, or clothes when weContinue reading “Blue dye for the spinning ladies !”

Why I love my Journey as an Eco Artist !

The other morning I checked my art supplies, I though they were a bit low before the next day workshop and so… time to replenish… on my way to … The Kelvingrove Park…. in the West end of Glasgow, walking distance from my studio, it is lovely and a little hub of nature in theContinue reading “Why I love my Journey as an Eco Artist !”

Eco printing is it a print or a stain ? Don’t delay ! Play with paper !

My next Eco Printing workshop is Glasgow is on the 9th September details are … Here we will make little books like those below … This is a strange process and it produces a unique result … it’s not a watercolour although it looks like one ! It’s more like a print although a uniqueContinue reading “Eco printing is it a print or a stain ? Don’t delay ! Play with paper !”

Mackintosh stencilling … Pupils act ! A West end Festival workshop ! Let the young lead the way !

Give an adult a brush and they will learn to stencil ! Give a child a brush and He will create art ! Children have no creative fear and have not experienced the immense desire to create a master piece while having an immense fear of failing . And for the reason I love workingContinue reading “Mackintosh stencilling … Pupils act ! A West end Festival workshop ! Let the young lead the way !”

It’s better together ; Erasmus’s Nuremberg students collaboration & #thebigbanner into Europe

“Dear Betty … we are German textile students and we would like to help…” The email I received started that way… a group of students from Nuremberg on an exchange with Erasmus grants were visiting Glasgow in October and they wanted to take part … they were in Glasgow to research a future fashion showContinue reading “It’s better together ; Erasmus’s Nuremberg students collaboration & #thebigbanner into Europe”

Spy and Try … Mackintosh at the Willow

There is a Spy and Try stencilling station in a tent @ 215 Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow… in front of the building of Mackintosh’s willow Tea Rooms which we now call “Mackintosh at the Willow” why don’t you come and try your hand at Stencilling? I was there last week end, for the door openContinue reading “Spy and Try … Mackintosh at the Willow”

Doors open days !!!

Last week was Glasgow dod  (Glasgow Door open days) a week long festival part of a huge international movement which consist in opening doors of historic buildings who are normally not open to the public. It’s a huge thing in Glasgow, a week long festival with  heritage talks, opened buildings, guided tours, and douzains ofContinue reading “Doors open days !!!”