Tracing and recreating an historic stencil

Ault wharrie is a 1903 property by the architect George Walton built in Dunblane (Scotland) 

While being refurbished some design schemes were found on the walls in some of the rooms. some in very good state just needing some touching up and some almost destroyed in great need to be recreated. The photographs here come from the original drawing room which featured a scheme of flowered designs. 


To recreate the design there was a need to re organise the general pattern and I traced all the elements on a film cellophane then I traced each elements in great detail.

I then photocopied the various component of the pattern and moved them around till I found an element of rational. I then cut the film of cellophane with three stencils for each motif.

One this was done I was ready to get going !!! 


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