Recycle ! Turn old news prints in beautiful objects – Papier Mache week end in Glasgow 21-22 May  

If like me you still read newspapers you probably have regularly a trip to the recycling bin with a bundle of very good quality paper and it seems such a shame to drop it in the bin but then again what to do with it ???

The week End work shop I will run at the House for an Art Lover will Adress just how to transform this waste into lovely objects for you and your dear ones using pva glue and some corrugated cardboard! Or balloons !!! How to make bowls ! Frames ! Mirrors or any other objects and decorate them … Using more paper more glue and some paint …

It’s a burst of creativity for the strictest beginner but also the most experienced participant and over two days you will be amazed on how much you learn and achieve…

I am just back from a trip to Hong Kong and I picked up on my way some papers in Cantonese and Arabic which should create great effects on your finished pieces…

Creating while recycling is just a great way to spend a week end! In good company at The Art Park the Art complex of The House for an Art Lover in Glasgow ! Why not join me there ?

Booking deals here


Betty X


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