Get in Style for a Tenner :)* #UpcycleFurniture for £10 à week 

So you have been dreaming to take on an evening class for ever and September is just around the corner … You have this old battered small chest kicking about and not much money in your pocket due to expensive holidays activities with the family ! 

If this suits you to a T then take a look at the classes I will be running with The House for an Art Lover this Autumn… They are for you…

From Up cycling furniture full hands on to the very creative Art is the Flower via the Stencilling week end we have kept the focus on Big creative achievement for small cost ! 

For one you don’t have to be an artist to do crafts ! And you don’t need a large bank account to do those classes ! You need some time, some desire to meet nice people and to be creative in their company and a little … But very little cash !

For £10 each week you can join the Up Cycling furniture class and spend 2.30h a week in perfect bliss of distressing… Chalk painting … Stencilling… Printing … For 10 weeks ! 

Enough chat ! Why don’t you take a look yourself ! 

If you have any questions email me on 

See you soon 

Betty xx

* classes are booked in block of 10 for The Upcycling Furniture – 10 weeks of 2 hours 30 that is £100 for the block , £10 per week and £4 for an hour.

This course can not be purchased as a weekly drop in as there is a progression in the tuition of all the various techniques 

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