UP CYCLING AS A WAY OF LIFE – a new up cycling class this Autumn – in Glasgow

Many years ago this trunk caught my eye in a “around the corner” charity shop, I remember vividly buying it for £10… that was in the days when you paid “normal prices” for things (that does make me sound a little old but really it was the good times and not so long ago when your £ went further…).

a beautiful shape
lovely shabby chic look once finishes

That one had a huge drawer at the front and a wee cupboard underneath with a double door opening … a real beauty and I had loads of plans for it but somehow life took over and part from being a toy holder for my little girl the trunk never graduated to anything else until now…

But I have recently decided to try my hand at #chalkpaint something I must say i have rubbished in the past for being too expensive. And the bright blue trunk has now graduated to our master bedroom where its seating proudly under a vintage suitcase in the window corner. My husband loved it so much that he has taken it over as his… thats to say !

before waxing
after waxing

This time I used a combination of normal emulsion paint and chalk paint together with a #beeswax and a soft-cloth. I had a small paint sample in a grey linen colour and I used a cream emulsion as a contrast. All together with a dark wax it has transformed my trunk into a lovely old looking piece and highlighted all the little lovely features of the piece including all the various signs of wear and tear.

detail before the polishing
lovely technique highlight the wear and tear love signs

It is just now a lovely “shabby chic” piece which will make me proud for a long time to come.

TOTAL COST £10 trunk + £ 3.5 chalk paint + a wee drop of left over emulsion and wax = £15 plus my work

This is a technique I have been teaching in my furniture up-cycling classes but I will add the chalk paint aspect to my autumn class starting on the 22nd september at The House for an Art Lover. This is a run of 10 evenings of fun and creativity on a thursday night. A really very relaxing activity and what best that to create something unique and artistic at a very low cost.

completed piece in my workshop

For information about this class and booking see HERE

If you have any questions about this class email me @ bettysbeautifullife@gmail.com

See you there may be.


Betty xx





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