Fauxidermy – Textile extravagance !

Helly Powell is a textile artist born and raised in Wales. I had the pleasure to meet her at The Royal Highland show this past week end. I was marvelled by her “beasts” !!! Made of beautifully woven and medieval inspired fabric her animal’s heads are a great statement for creativity.

Inspired by the traditional taxidermy created by the greeks to conserve animal trophies, Helly has perfected a method to model and cast her chosen animal’s head and then upholsters it with gorgeous fabrics … velvets, chenille, silk, wool and linen.

Helly’s collection is stunning and wether her galloping Hare or her Stag Head you will stopped on your tracks with the need to stare… and get your camera out. The simple lines, the rich fabric, the proportions and the pose of each “Beast” are perfect.

Her collection Fauxidermy  can be seen in a touring exhibition  The Beasts of the Mabinogion

and I hope you catch them on your way. Its a bit like stepping in the woods at the time of Robin Wood… a medieval story…  Helly is the magician recreating them…

Best wishes.

Betty xx

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    1. Hi there Rachael no I do not if you click the link to Fauxidermi in my blog post you will get on their website and find contact details … I am sure they sell those but this is about one year old so that piece may have been sold since then


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