Oxfam bookshop workshop ! Up-cycle local … make the world a better place and your home more beautiful !

Free workshop

Upcycling old maps and musical sheets into stylish journals

@Oxfam Bookshop Byres road – Glasgow – 24th September

I will be running a 2 hours FREE workshop at The Oxfam Bookshop in Byres road as part of the Byres road book festival on  24th of September for details and bookings please click Here


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Free Demonstration

Up-cyling old maps and music sheet in stylish furniture and small items

@ The Oxfam Bookshop Byres Road – Glasgow –

13 and 16th July between 2pm and 4pm … Just turn up !


The beautiful West end  of Glasgow has been my home for almost 3 decades… a mix of stylish tenements flats, town houses, student flats, ethnic shop, stylish eateries, a very very Old University and … Byres road.

West end was not always part of the City of Glasgow but around the turn of the 19th century this is where the well to do Victorian entrepreneurs built themselves a home (a very lavish one) they placed it around a huge park, built a new University for their offsprings and a commercial street which has become my local place to shop and generally wander around at the week end for coffee, food shopping, general browsing and … loosing myself in the great Oxfam bookshop  ! I love books … well its almost an obsession and what better to do than buy books to read while giving to charity !!!

The thing about the Oxfam bookshop it does not only sell books … you also find there the best “Divine” chocolate… and some great gifts hand made in third world countries but also… old maps, music sheet, foreign publications, postcards… and it has become one of my sources of “stuff” for up-cycling on furniture and small pieces like boxes etc…

Imagine ! you have a box of old maps kicking in your garage … you donate it to Oxfam… I walk past and buy them… I make a beautiful box (see below) out of them and … with the money … Oxfam makes sure than in a small village in Africa children get fresh water to drink OMG it does not get better than that does it????

I have been thinking for a while that I should do a little more … and here it is… I want to show you how you could do your bit too… how you could also fill up your basket with some of their maps, music sheet etc… to take home and have a go at “up-cycling”… so here it is:

  • Free demonstration on how to up-cycle paper items in smart objects – 13 and 16th July between 2 and 4pm THIS IS A FREE EVENT – JUST TURN UP
  • Free workshop on how to up-cycle paper items in a travel diary – 22nd September between 9.30 and 11.30 am THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP – PART OF THE BYRES ROAD BOOK FESTIVAL – for booking keep tuned link will be added this summer #keepthedate


I hope you will come along and get a taste for what this is about… and if you love it and would like to do more… you could always book on one of my classes with The House for an Art Lover. Up-cycling is a great creative way of saving the world while feeling very very happy !!! More Upcycling classes

See you there

Betty xx






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