Honest Error – Glasgow Poets on Charles Rennie Mackintosh

If you would like a copy of this book, you can order it Here If you live in The UK and if you live overseas Here.

A group a Glasgow Poet went into a basement storage a few months back to have a look at the collection of items by Charles Rennie Mackintosh… and the felt inspired ! Would you blame them?

An anthology of poems could be disjointed and rough looking but this one is superbly together … and the reason for that is Gillean was the editor. What a focus in the writing  and what beautiful words… No wonder I felt inspired and jumped up when Gillean asked me to take a very small part in their project and design the cover. What a treat !

‘There is hope in honest error, none in the icy perfection of the mere stylist’ became a personal motto for Mackintosh and is a very iconic motto…. So it was taken on board by the publishers and myself in the process. They wrote I cut the stencils.

So I spent a couple of weeks thinking about what Mackintosh would have wanted the design to be and I chose the simple rose ! its his trade mark afterwards…Everyone knows it… a bunch of stylised roses on a silver background ! I am so very happy with the result great poetry and local roses… Mackintosh would be happy ! I think !

The launch was last night and it seems everyone loved it ! This is their first book and my first cover. I would do this again so interesting…

I hope you get your copy and enjoy it much.



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