Back to School ! The Big Banner @ The Scotland Street School Museum

And they came from all over Scotland, to Scotland Street Museum  … some of them early retired with a desire to learn new skill. A quiet small group focused on making the most of the day with me. They wanted to understand the technique, make something beautiful and spend a relaxing day… Making a big banner.

What better place than an old school to learn… and one that Mackintosh built to recreate a banner he designed…

Scotland Street School is a striking red sandstone building that Mackintosh designed for the then Glasgow Corporation as a school. In a busy area of the Southside of Glasgow it was to become a school with a side for girls and a side for boys. Interesting bricks, bright blue stain glasses and loads of iron work its is standing like a Fort ! many years later it is now part of Glasgow Life the organisation which houses the “Museums” of Glasgow. Scotland street is seen as the “Children” museum but it is also right in the “Asian patch” of Glasgow and at the moment houses a most interesting exhibition about the Asian community in Glasgow. I have ran classes in its very large foyer years ago and it was so very fun to come back here for two of the Big Banner workshop this week.

It was the “Wizzard school” this week. A wild event where douzains of wanabe “Harry Potter” and dressed up witches were running through the building from activity to activity. What a great idea was that… I teach stencilling to many children but its not everyday that wizard come to school to learn to stencil a Mackintosh rose…. We all had fun on that day.

But back to my lovely quiet, middle age, retired and no Scottish group what a very relaxing workshop that was. It shows you that stencilling is really a technic for all. In that very location running the same workshop the age range of the participants was between 4 years to 75 years old !!!

So the wizard stencilled many many small motifs and the more mature participants made beautiful tall banners… which both will be hanging at the Lighthouse as from today.

But also yesterday’s group took stencilling to a more personal level and went away with a tote bag they had designed with the roses stencils available and after having practised the technique to perfection. There is a great reward in “hand made” and I am always happy to see how much joy my participants are getting out of realising they can produce something beautiful !!!

Because this project is about learning a new skill, opening your mind to good design and taking part in team work what better way to spend your day off than that…

There will be a final public workshop for The Big Banner on the 28th October at Kelvingrove between 11.30 and 4pm… and I have just heard that poets from the    “Honest Error”  group will be taking part. What a great tribute to Mackintosh will that be…

I hope to see you at Kelvingrove next week for a bit of brush work. Its a drop in event you dont need to book … just turn up.

Have a great creative week.


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