2018 is the year of the Blues and the Greens !

My studio is based in Glasgow – Scotland, and anyone there reading the title above would think I have been stung by the Football bug ! Blue and Green are the well known colours of the Celtic and Rangers football clubs tops… Very close to the hearts of most Glaswegian… but for me those colours represent the creative techniques I love most… Indigo dyeing, Shibori, Tie Dye, Cyanotype printing for blues and off course Eco printing, Eco dyeing for greens…

From there I run workshops on Indigo, Dyeing and Eco Printing please READ BELOW for details or click here for my FULL COURSE LIST

From time to time you just have to concentrate the way you work and research to really understand the full potential of your loved technique but I just cant settle on one single technique, who can ? The prints below were all made by eco printing on Indigo dyeed paper and fabric, and thats what made them complete in my heart ! I cant decide what I like most, experimenting or fixing mistakes I made while experimenting…. So I will do both and I hope many will sign up to do that journey with me.

But if you want to read about when I first discovered about Eco Printing then click Here

I do love a bit of collaboration and Cassandra Barron from Bookbinding with Cass and I have already ran a few joint workshops… Cass is an accomplished book binder and with her skills I can make use of my marks and prints… together we have embarked on a number of workshops where participants get the chance to try their hands at eco printing, indigo dyeing, stencilling and so on… and bind the result in a unique book to take home. Travel diaries, note books of all sorts, hand made and featuring hand decorated papers, two techniques learned in a day, those workshops have a great deal of content and they are being very popular already. A few of them are very special indeed… we ran one in  The beautiful Kibble Palace of The Glasgow Botanic Gardens, on the 25th of March. We will run this one again but in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden in June and in The Secret Garden in July. For info please look here for info on the Edinburgh Botanic gardens workshop and Here for the workshop at the lovely Herb Gardens

Eco Printing is a natural technique, you take a leaf and steam its colour away onto paper or fabric … its a great magical trick ! the result is always wonderful but you cant quite predict what the outcome will be. 

Identifying the right leaves and the right support, using the right technique to transfer its pigments through  steaming, deciding how to best use the result to create, prints, mixed media boards, scarves … are some of the subjects I will teach during my workshops.

I will be running a one day Eco Printing on fabric to create a scarf in the West end of Glasgow on the 8th of June. On that day we will learn the basic of Eco printing on paper and fabric and print a scarf on mixed linen/cotton. For information and booking click the link on Eco Print Scottish Leaves on your Scarf


Indigo is a natural dye which has captured the heart of many artists and textile specialists. From its humble origins as a small plant in India to its transformation into the beautiful true blue once seen it is never forgotten and used all over the world from Denim Jeans to unique hand dyed fabrics in Asia. Many use it for the beautiful Tie Dye called Shibori which takes its origins in Japan.

I will be running a week end of  Indigo Shibori dyeing in Glasgow for beginners at the House for an Art Lover in May, we make Indigo from scratch and will fold and print some beautiful Shibori fabric for info and booking look at Fold and Print, Cold Indigo Dyeing

indigo bookbinding

In June I will join forces with Cassandra Barron from Bookbinding with Cass to run a one day workshop in Glasgow on Indigo Shibori and bookbinding. It will be a great creative way to approach two lovely techniques to create a great finished book on that day after having discovered the folding techniques of Japanese Shibori Booking and info here

Blue and Green Eco Printing : 

Under the right conditions, the prolonged contact of a leaf onto cloth or paper can make a beautiful print. In this two-day course, you will learn the basics of Eco printing. Using local botanical material and working with heat and light you will transfer the shapes or pigments of the leaves onto paper or fabric. Learning the secrets of mordants, and tannin and iron bath, the resulting prints can be used to produce scarves/artwork or greeting cards. Cyanotype and Eco Printing will allow you to in-print the beautiful shapes of the Fresh leaves you have picked up in the great walled Garden of the House for an Art Lover. For info and booking look here Green and Blue Eco Printing


Up-cycling has been my passion for a few years, but up-cycling Nature will be my focus in 2018, won’t you join me for one of the classes above?

Hope to see you there.

Betty x

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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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