A freshly baked scone, a cup of tea and a stubby brush ! Stencilling Mackintosh @ The Willow Tea Rooms

I will be running some stencilling workshops with The Willow Tea Rooms in Buchanan Street – Glasgow if you would like to book look here


Much of my stencilling life is spent up a ladder or a scaffolding recreating the historic designs and it is immensely  rewarding. But I also love sharing my skills with the public, adults and children who don’t have the training and don’t think they could ever “manage it”. Over the years many hundreds have learned to stencil with me and Mackintosh’s rose !

Off course we all have a specialty, something we do well and that makes people happy and Anne Mulhern has been baking scones for over thirty years but not in any odd place… In the Willow Tea Rooms. She opened her first Tea Rooms in Sauchiehall Street in the very building Mackintosh designed for Miss Cranston. The Willow Tea Rooms was born out of Anne’s passion for delivering a beautiful tea experience to her customers… in style just like Miss Cranston had done before… just like Charles Rennie Mackintosh had too.

This is what Anne and I have in common, a passion for the job well done, a great service for the customer, a lovely experience, a beautiful memory for the future ! That is why I will have great pleasure to run Stencilling workshops in the lovely blue Chinese Room of her Tea Rooms at 97 Buchanan Street. What better experience than learning to stencil Mackintosh’s design seating in a chair after his own design and eating one of Anne’s Scones?

I will be running a number of Stencilling workshops in the lovely blue chinese room  of the Willow Tea Rooms through the Spring. Participants get a chance to try their hand at stencilling and perfect their technique using some Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s inspired stencils. After a delightful Fresh baked scone and a cup of tea you will have the time to stencil yourself a unique tote bag to take home. This is a perfect workshop for beginners, and it would be also great treat to offer it as a present for a special occasion.

You will learn a great skill but also have great fun and off course the setting of The Chinese room is quite spectacular let alone the Fresh baked scone !

If you would like to read more about this event or book look here 

I hope to see you there sometimes…


Betty xx

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