Better together : “Honest Error”, written words and stencilled roses together celebrate the life and work of Mackintosh and Margaret

Tuesday’s are funny days… not the drab Monday that everyone hates and not the well awaited Friday… yet not the middle of the week either. Just a bit of a boring day apart from the lunchtime talk at the Hunterian ! 10 mns of bliss of talk by an expert, just enough to keep you interested, not so much it takes your day… Today Gillean McDougall was talking about “Honest Error” at 1pm precisely.

“Honest Error” is a wonderful book curated by Gillean as part of a creative part of her Mlitt at UofG in 2017. An anthology of poems by a group of writers from the Mlitt about the life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret after the group had spent some time looking at some archival pieces in the collection of the Hunterian art gallery. A beautiful collection of 34 poems all very different about different aspects of Mackintosh’s work and life but all very meaningful. And off course a cover full of Glasgow roses. The cover is my work… my contribution to that very meaninfull project.

I happen to meet Gillean @ my stencilling workshop organised by Queens Cross Church in June 2017 which she had joined hoping to get her stencilling skills up to a confident level to work on the cover herself. After we met the idea of me coming up with a design was quickly up and discussed and we exchanged for several weeks before I came up with those roses. So many criterias in this kind of project… copyright regulations, background material, size of the roses, timing for the making, need for it to be photographed… but it happened and in September the book came out. What a lovely little thing. Everyone I know loves it and half my family has received a copy for Christmas.

Today was a celebration day. The reading of some of the poems by some of the poets, a great expose about the making by Gillean and a show off of my art work… but also the joy to know the book is now stocked in some venues around Glasgow as well as online

You will be able to find “Honest Errors” in the The Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow, in the shop of The Hunterian at The UofG many to follow.

Do not hesitate to walk miles to get yourself a copy of this beautiful little book it is well worth it.

Love Betty x

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