Make something out of nothing or why I love Up-cycling Furniture

I will be running my next block of Upcycling Furniture class next January wont you join me ? Information is below… It will be fun ! We will make something out of nothing ! We will remake some of your old beloved pieces, some of your good find from local charity shops and that old chair you found in your attic !

Details here Booking details for upcycling course

There has been a recent craze for Up-cycling, did you notice? When I started Up-cycling furniture it was called paint effects… we also stencilled and had a go at all sorts of techniques like Rag Rolling, Sponging etc… Sometimes I look at the effects I used to create and I can honestly say … some of them were very NAF … I like today’s clear lines and sophisticated techniques… What I have kept from those early days though is the love of a job well done ! No slapping chalkpaint without fully preparing, sanding and priming the piece before. That would be a bit like attaching gold leaf to an old bit of wood without any size… The effect would be there but the first time to knock your item… it would chip.

And what I practise for myself I teach to others… I am an absolute sticker for a good undercoat. All pieces leaving my studio are stunning out of the good taste of my participants but they are also very well done. It does pay up !

I like my up-cycling classes they are how can I say … a club of friends meeting regularly who paint while catching up with the last news… by the log fire with a great smell of coffee around. For me its a real pleasure to see pupils evolving from piece to piece getting more and more technical in their approach. Some of them have never handled a brush when they first came but gradually build up the lovely know how as they up-cycle their tables/chairs and so on.

We make discovery together, someone’s mistake results in a new technique being discovered. Like the textured stencilling we now use regularly and the lovely acrylic paint stencilling which stays strong under the distressed chalk paint.

If you dont believe me just check the photos below… those are examples of work done over the past few weeks… these could be yours.

I will be running my next upcycling block of classes from the 10th of January and I have a few couple of spaces… should you want to join… the link is above.

Have a great week end.

Betty x

Upcycling Furniture block of 8 classes

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