#2019 CraftsNine challenge – a year full of learning crafts in a challenge !

Would you like to join me on my #2019craftsnine challenge on Instagram to channel my creativity towards a better end result ? I will also post on a Face book page

This is about being creative and pushing your creative boundaries further… in an organised manner .. Through my #2019craftsnine I want to give myself a focus.

It would be nice to claim the credit for this idea but I was inspired by Rochelle from Home Row Fiber who for two years now has been running a sewing challenge in 9 projects. I found her approach refreshing and decided to jump in the band wagon in my own context as sewing is not my thing.

January is always a good time for new resolutions, eat better, work more reasonable hours, take time off, etc… the fact is I would not change my working life as a creative artist… it is perfect and I love every minute of every day. But I could do with a focus when it comes to special projects. This will do nicely.

I have picked 9 areas where I want to work through the next twelve months at improving my work… either learning from scratch, like batik work, like weaving, and in those I will just make a head start. In other like Eco Printing I will be looking at improving my technique in one particular area…. and you can do the same if you have a list long like a piece of string of what you aim to achieve… You have to be realistic through… I have booked myself on some workshops (for example I have booked myself this gorgeous Eco Printing workshop with Irit Dullman next June in Holland… a complete treat and I am sure she will make me work hard), for other projects I just want to focus on using what I have accumulated at home like this little pattern I bought several months ago and never used.

You could decide to spend the year working on your embroidery skills, one stitch at a time? or book yourself on a pottery class and aim at throwing the perfect mug before the end of the year… or using up your stash of recycled paper cutting to make greeting cards for every occasions, one subject a month… the word is your oyster !

So here it is my very own crafts challenge and yours if you would like to join me. Nine projects I will work on during this year, 9 new directions in my creative practise and for each some new artwork, a new class, an exhibition… some kind of result to show the result of my achievement… but really all I am doing is working on my personal development with the help of my Craftsninechallenge plan of action…

I put together my photo by using my phone App Diptic but there are many available… if you struggle send me a message I will make a suggestion…

crafts nine square

My 2019craftsninechallenge action plan:

From top to bottom, from left to right…:

1 – Embroidery: I will learn to use simple embroidery inspired by the South East of Asia Hill Tribe in my textile work. I have brought back from Thailand a simple step by step guide … in Lanna language 🙂 but with sketches…

2 – Batik work: I will add to my Indigo work some simple Batik technique, probably not as skilled as this beautiful work I saw in at the creative market of the Chiangmai design week but in the same direction.

3 – Eco-Dye: I had the great chance to experiment with Eco-dyes in Thailand this winter using local dyes to there and I want to experiment further with this technique using local botanical elements to my home in Scotland.

4 – Adorn: I will make a point of using in my mix media pieces, some of the “treasures” I have gathered when travelling, here beads from my last holidays. It makes projects so much more meaningful, I have in mind a batch of hand stitched bracelets.

5 : Eco Print: I will work on my Eco Printing composition techniques, I have booked myself on a master workshop with the great Irit Dulman for the summer and cant wait to catch Irit’s techniques.

6 : Sewing: I will make this little dress/shirt I bought the pattern for last year. I know it is not an essential part of my practise but it is good to do something different and complete a project you have dreamed about…

7 : Pottery: I will make a point of throwing more pots on the wheel… I had a glorious day in Chiang Mai last december working at the InClay studio and now I cant wait to find a local studio to my Glasgow Home to get the chance to have another go…

8 : Stencilling: In 2018 I focused my stencilling work in using textured stencilling to create books with the book binding Cassandra Barron, I loved stretching the technique and want to go further in using stencils in an out of the box way…

9 : Tool Making: I have wanted for a while using elements around me to create tools to help my creative work. here a brush made out of twigs, I will look further in what I can use to make small tools.

I will post my progress regularly on my Instagram page @bettysbeautifullife and my Face book page.

I would love if you would like to join me in this challenge to improve your creativity in an organised manner .

If you decide to do so, please create your own #2019craftsninechallenge image on Instagram, by using a phone app similar to Diptic. Post your photo not forgetting to add the tag #2019craftsninechallenge and tagging me on instagram @bettysbeautifullife, it would be great if you explained in a few words what you will be covering.

You may struggle to decide the direction to follow. I looked back through my 2018 photos and decided on the 9 which represented my creative needs the most. You might look at your existing projects, your various stash, your half started projects. My practise is quite vast you may decide to only go in one direction… make this a knitting project, or a drawing one. The important thing is to choose a technique which really brings you immense satisfaction.

Dont be too ambitious and you will surprise yourself. Focus on what you can achieve. There is always next year for the rest…

Dont try to achieve too much on your own… I have linked a couple of my aims to workshops I will attend like the glorious Eco Printing and Eco Dyeing workshops with artists who have all to give me. My aim in that case is to grab their knowledge. I may make something out of it… or not. My aim is to learn not to remake the world.

Do connect things together, quite a few of the techniques I am looking at are linked with my textile practise and my travelling in Asia…. Is there something you can connect? Do you live on a farm and have wool you would like to learn to felt, spin, dye?

Aim low and get great satisfaction in your achievements. Think collectively.

But more importantly think creatively, and get great pleasure in what you decide to go for. Crafts is the new meditation and its practise gives great relaxation and pleasure.

If you are insure and would like help with this please email me on bettysbeautifullife@gmail.com

Happy New Year and lots of love


Betty xx







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