Being a Textile Artist and an Eco Up-cycler in Scotland


You tube video here ! Being a textile artist and Eco Upcycler in Scotland 

(credit for this video goes to Gemma Munro Media & Eve Christie)

I am a textile artist based in the West end of Glasgow, and I am an Eco Upcycler… I use local leaves and locally sourced natural dyes like Onion skin, Turmeric, St John’s wort. I recycle bed linen donated by my local bed and breakfast and Ephemera paper from the Oxfam bookshop… I share my knowledge with course participants, the public, school children… I just love my creative life…. If you would be interested to share my creativity via a class, please see the bottom of this blog post for detail on my new classes.

“I start the day with a walk in the park where I pick up my essential supplies (leaves) before returning to my studio where i find the essentials needed to create my art… via my local B & B where I will be given discarded bed linen to up-cycle… I love “remaking” and mixing old with new, gathering the elements of my creations from well loved objects”


My artistic practise finds its roots in a conflicts between Ecology and Industrial waste. Through my creations ephemeral botanical beauties gain an eternal lease of life and join forces with discarded objects to become desirable pieces.
My work find its sources in traditional well executed crafts techniques associated with witchcraft. Hot cauldrons, needles and thread and sand paper are side by side on my worktable.


In my personal work I am forcing a relationship and a personal narrative between nature and nurture.
My work takes place in the circular local economy, I remake discarded objects drawing on botanical witchery and industrial texture building. For those who want to learn my craft I have endless passion and skills to pass on… Bring me the children I will make them into creative men and women who treat the world in a kinder way and make Eco-recycling a way of Life.Glasgow 2019





Eco Printing Week end retreat in Scotland – 25th, 26th May

I am very excited to be running an Eco Printing Week end creative Retreat on 25/26 May at the great Bridgend Farmhouse  in  Edinburgh with the gifted Edinburgh based Book binder Cassandra Barron from   Bookbinding with Cass   not only you will learn all about Eco Printing with  Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw both on cloth and paper (including recycled paper)… but you will also make make numerous prints on paper and cloth on the first day with leaves harvested around the Farmhouse building… but on day two Cassandra will take us through the magic of Informal Book Binding and we will make using some of our prints some journals and some hand stitched books,   f you would like to join Book here

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Eco Printing Week end in Glasgow – 13th, 14th July

I will be running a full week end of Eco Printing in my Glasgow West end based Studio on the 13th, 14th July, we will explore Eco Printing with Scottish leaves on a variety of cloth and paper, we will use natural dyes which can be sourced locally and a bit of Indigo. I usually  only take a small number of participants to allow complete interaction and i offer a home made lunch and fresh made coffee both days. You leave with a lot of prints and a beautifully printed scarf. This is quite a unique workshop… I will teach you how to prepare your material, which equipment to use and how to care for your prints…. If you want to join or more info look look here

I hope to meet you again to share with you my passion…

Have a great week end.

Betty xx

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I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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