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Creativity can take many forms but sometimes you lack confidence and need a little help to get started. If you want my helping hand along the way but cant make it to a workshop then one of my kits will help you to start your journey into Indigo or Eco Printing.

My kits come with full instructions and great ingredients, lovely organic dyes, hand woven silk and cotton scarves from South East Asia and India. The Instructions are yours to keep and adapt to your own material and ingredients.

Enjoy creating in the comfort of your own home using Indigo and Natural dyes… If you decide to take your creativity further you can join one of my online classes

Silk Scarf printing Indigo Shibori Kit for UK delivery

Indigo blue is one of the most beautiful colour on Earth. Praised by many it has the reputation to be hard to get... Many cant face building an Indigo Vat and yet it is possible to put together a simple small vat to produce beautiful crisp patterns.... My Indigo Kit will allow you to build a small vat of 5 Litres of dark blue Indigo even if you are a beginner. The Hydrosulphate vat is almost guarantee to "work" and will give you a deep blue without having to go through the trauma of many dips. It comes with all ingredients needed to built the vat and a beautiful natural Silk scarf produced in lovely small communities from Northern Thailand. With simple instructions you will be able to put together a small vat in a 5 litres container and fold and tie the scarf to dip it in the vat. You will also hear about the finishing technique. From this pack you will get: - Two new skills (indigo vat building, and Indigo tie dye. - An Indigo vat to use for more projects. - A tutorial. You will be able to reuse your vat after your scarf is dyed. After receiving your pack you will get a link to my online instructions.


Cotton Scarf printing Indigo Shibori Kit for UK delivery

As above but with a lovely hand woven in Northern Thailand cotton scarf approx 40 x 140 cms


Silk Scarf printing Indigo Shibori Kit for Overseas delivery

As above Silk Scarf and Indigo kit but for delivery from the UK to Overseas destinations


Cotton scarf Indigo and Shibori Kit for Overseas delivery

As above Cotton Scarf and Indigo kit but for delivery from the UK to Overseas destinations


Silk Scarf and Natural Dyes kit for UK delivery

This kit offers eco printers and natural dyers (even the beginners) the perfect tool to create a beautiful and unique eco printed and natural dyed silk scarf. The ingredients are ethically sourced in South Asia and South America and quite unique. The Silk scarf is made in a local community using the finest local silk (weft) and cotton (warp), and will take any colour beautifully. They will allow to create a unique scarf using the botanics in your area if you decide to Eco print it. The dyes are in their original wood form and as such will allow you to extract up to 5 dye bath each. The mordant will allow you to treat up to 1 kg of cloth (cellulose and silk). It contains: - a beautiful 45 cms x 140 cms, hand woven scarf from Northern Thailand, sourced in Chiangmai during my recent travel there. - 25 grs of Sapan wood, a sustainable dye, ethically sourced in Northern Thailand during my recent travels there which produce a beautiful range of pinks and reds. - 25 grs of Logwood, a sustainable dye, ethically sourced in Mexico and brought to Europe using a low carbon footprint route. It will give you strong blue to lovely pale violet depending on the dye bath. - 140 grs of dry mordant ready to mix to help creating great colours and give light fastness to your piece.. a set of instructions. I am a textile artist and work with Eco Printing and Eco Dyeing all year around teaching physical classes in Scotland and online workshops and travelling to Asia to swap skills with local groups. I have developed a mordant for cellulose and silk fibers which will give you great results with clear prints and vibrant colours from your leaves and dyes. If you are a natural dyer you will like playing with my two wood dyes, they will give you a range of colours if you modify the PH of the dye bath. If you are an eco printer you will love the brightness of the work you can achieve using my elements. My wood dyes can be reused several times unlike dye extracts. You can choose of the two colours for your silk scarf and use the other dye for material you have at home, I think the Logwood looks quite spectacular with the silk but its a personal choice.


Silk Scarf and Natural Dye Kit for Overseas delivery

As above but for delivery from UK delivery to Overseas destinations


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