Sharing my Studio Space with you #shareyourcreativespace on Instagram

Recently I have been speaking to a few friends again on the phone and this week starting making grand plans to teach online an amazing collaboration workshop with my most creative friend Cassandra Barron … Its like a black cloud has lifted from over my head…. Covid is not over but I am connecting again… What am I talking about !!! I have been connected creatively non stop since the beginning of lockdown, I have ran more workshops than I would normally do and going “all online” has opened the world to me.

My lovely participants come from Alaska, Sydney Australia, Paris, North Carolina, California as well as Edinburgh and Cambridge… My face to face participants have booked my online workshops to keep the creativity flowing and I have met online many more who now cant wait to meet me face to face… Covid has been my nightmare and my saviour as far as work is concerned… So where is the problem… Why do I feel everyday is the same as before and why do I lack energy every morning…

I am a people’s person before and foremost and I love meeting and greeting, I like welcoming people in our home and when it is work related I realised now that I have catered my studio like a home… When you come to a workshop with me in my own space … you are not coming into my studio… you are coming into my life. All around me are bits and bobs that have come from somewhere I visited… No affectation there… Only the memories of good time, bad time, shared time and time to come… That brush I bought in Hongkong in this little alleyway and I can still smell the smell and feel the heat and the sweat running down my back. That Indigo paste I extracted from my friend Mann’s Indigo leaves in Northern Thailand… come and experience with me… I cant share the time I collected it but I can share the story. I am a story teller… I want to share…

But off course now I cant share… My creative space has shrank into a table space with all included on it and from there I teach you my techniques online (check here…

Dont get me wrong I am enjoying it and I love meeting you Pat from North Carolina, Bridget from Cambridge, Alva from Sweeden, Moira from Sydney… but how I wish I could make you tea with that Green tea I brought back from Northern Thailand…

Not that it will be the same but I decided to make an effort to keep on sharing my stories and my studio space with you… From today I will run for 30 days postings on my Instagram page @bettysbeautifullife about stories from my creative space. The stories of my learning, of my travelling, of my sharing, of my collecting, of my meeting with lovely people face to face… and why dont you share yours? 30 days of your love for your space and what it means for you… Join me on my every day to discover my short story. It will be tagged #shareyourcreativespace … why dont you share your own creative space on Instagram? It wont be completely like being in it but… not far… I cant wait to discover yours… will you come to see mine?

In the meantime find me online before I can meet you again…

Have a great Wednesday, I am sending you a virtual HUG.

Betty xx

Published by bettysbeautifullife

I am a Christie's trained artist born in France but living in Glasgow. I work with Eco Techniques like Natural dyes, Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing using recycled material. I learn, teach and share my techniques, I work with communities and travel to Asia

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