Eco workshops for Autumn 2022/Spring 2023

(IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES USING PAYPAL EMAIL ME I love teaching my craft, I teach the workshops below online live using the Zoom platform or in person. If you are in the wrong time zone you can still benefit from the workshop by using the recording of the sessions I make, they areContinue reading “Eco workshops for Autumn 2022/Spring 2023”

#TheIndigoPlot at the Botanics

TO JOIN THE INDIGO DYE WORKSHOPS AND DEMONSTRATION SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST. The Indigo Plot at the Botanics is a small dye plants garden in the grounds of the Glasgow Botanical Garden in Scotland (UK). Curated by Textile artist Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw in the spring of 2022, Japanese Indigo (4 varieties),Continue reading “#TheIndigoPlot at the Botanics”