Eco workshops for Spring/Summer 2023

(IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES USING PAYPAL EMAIL ME I love sharing my knowlege and I believe the best way of progressing for a tutor is to share and discover new questions, avenues for experiments and learning opportunities. For that reason I have set up a number of workshop in my Studio in GlasgowContinue reading “Eco workshops for Spring/Summer 2023”

#TheIndigoPlot at the Botanics

TO JOIN THE INDIGO DYE WORKSHOPS AND DEMONSTRATION… see below: The Indigo Plot at the Botanics is a small dye plants garden in the grounds of the Glasgow Botanical Garden in Scotland (UK). Curated by Textile artist Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw in the spring of 2022, Japanese Indigo (4 varieties), Woad, Weld, Genista, Madder, and FlaxContinue reading “#TheIndigoPlot at the Botanics”