Upcycling furniture, printing patterns out of nothing

Last Thursday was the second up-cycling furniture session. After the original chaos of the first week I am happy to say participants had started getting the hang of the methods and made friends between them and with their piece of furniture and material. Thinking outside the box (the tin of paint…) is my teaching method. IContinue reading “Upcycling furniture, printing patterns out of nothing”

Stencilling Mackintosh – 2nd/3rd April 2016

What better place than The House for an Art Lover to come and learn from scratch the art of Stencilling and learn how to introduce Glasgow Style in your interior.              Built in the 1990’s from the original plans of Charles Rennie Mackintosh from the turn of the century HAL is a beautifulContinue reading “Stencilling Mackintosh – 2nd/3rd April 2016”


Tonight I ran the first class of the Up-cycling course at the House for an Art lover. We had great fun the group of 8 ladies and myself. Two hours full of taking some objects back a few years with some antiquing techniques… distressing and crackle-Crackle glazing.         This class runs at the HouseContinue reading “UP-CYCLING ! AGEING FURNITURE AND SMALL ITEMS”

New Stencilling class at The House for an Art Lover

Learning a new skill is a great pleasure always to be taken but learning a new craft skill brings even more joy. For many life does not bring in many opportunities to be creative and few have had art classes as such. They go through life believe that they can’t draw or paint and areContinue reading “New Stencilling class at The House for an Art Lover”

The house Mackintosh dreamed about … Stencilling A House for an Art Lover

Every artist, craftsman, maker likes being part of a dream, the best part of it usually is to team up with the dreamer to discuss, elaborate, plan and realise the dream !  But in the case of The House for an Art Lover the dreamer long passed away the challenge was to be so interestingContinue reading “The house Mackintosh dreamed about … Stencilling A House for an Art Lover”

Ault Wharrie ! A very enjoyable job indeed ! Team work is essential for a great achievement !

Once before I was blessed with taking part in a grand and exciting project. Realising the work of a great architect as part of a team of makers! Project of great artistic value, renowned architect of the turn of the century, team of very skilful crafts people … It was around when Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s TheContinue reading “Ault Wharrie ! A very enjoyable job indeed ! Team work is essential for a great achievement !”

Workshops, Contact details…

Join my mailing list if you would like to hear about any new events… courses/workshop I set up You can contact me @ bettysbeautifullife@gmail.com. I record my activities on my Face Book page  and post loads of photos on my  Instagram page “The workshop and your tuition was inspiring. I went home created an art spaceContinue reading “Workshops, Contact details…”

Stencilling Mackintosh workshop

This workshop takes place in the fashionable West end of Glasgow, only a stone throwaway from the Mackintosh House at the Hunterian Art Gallery and the Mackintosh church. During that day you will learn to cut and apply one (or two) Glasgow style stencils in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh to several background …Continue reading “Stencilling Mackintosh workshop”

Look around you… Get inspired… or how to use your home sources to design a stencil !

   One can think designing a stencil is a difficult task, that to achieve that you must be a designer and have a lot of technical skills and that can be true. But I want to show you here that you can find inspiration around you to extract designs that will make a beautiful stencilContinue reading “Look around you… Get inspired… or how to use your home sources to design a stencil !”