The Glendale Women’s Cafe workshop – #stencillingisforthemany

This morning took me to the South Side of the City, a community cafe by the name of The Glendale Women’s Cafe. I was to meet there ladies who meet once a week in that community led Cafe with a charitable status to catch up and take part in many activities from Arts and CraftsContinue reading “The Glendale Women’s Cafe workshop – #stencillingisforthemany”

Historic recreations – Mackintosh and others … A gallery 

Over the past 25 years I have been involved with many stencilling projects… Small or large they all taught me something ! A true craft women must do suitable homework to produce a beautiful piece of design. Here are some comments and photographs some of the stencilling recreations I have been involved in. They areContinue reading “Historic recreations – Mackintosh and others … A gallery “