Eco printing is it a print or a stain ? Don’t delay ! Play with paper !

My next Eco Printing workshop is Glasgow is on the 9th September details are … Here we will make little books like those below … This is a strange process and it produces a unique result … it’s not a watercolour although it looks like one ! It’s more like a print although a uniqueContinue reading “Eco printing is it a print or a stain ? Don’t delay ! Play with paper !”

The Glendale Women’s Cafe workshop – #stencillingisforthemany

This morning took me to the South Side of the City, a community cafe by the name of The Glendale Women’s Cafe. I was to meet there ladies who meet once a week in that community led Cafe with a charitable status to catch up and take part in many activities from Arts and CraftsContinue reading “The Glendale Women’s Cafe workshop – #stencillingisforthemany”

#thebigrose update ! One week to go !!!!

This week marks the beginning of the Autumn season and the last week before the Mackintosh festival kicks in ! The leaves have started coming down on my garden path and #thebigrose I stencilled a while ago are fading gracefully … They remind me that in a week tomorrow I will be packing up stencilsContinue reading “#thebigrose update ! One week to go !!!!”