Come and stencil Mackintosh at The House on the Hill

Up on the Hill, overlooking the Firth of Clyde there is a superb house, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for one of his favourite client Mr Walter Blackie. The Hill House is the very first Mackintosh property I ever visited when moving to Scotland. Its a beautiful building covered of white rough cast, in theContinue reading “Come and stencil Mackintosh at The House on the Hill”

Together we made some chairs ! For an Art Lover’s House 

If you ask me of an advantage of sticking to the same job for many years ! The one that comes to my mind is the pleasure of working with old friends ! No need to try and understand a new creative partner ! To work out what they are like ! What will upsetContinue reading “Together we made some chairs ! For an Art Lover’s House “

The Big Banner project, an art project #crmackintoshbanner2017

2017 #Thebigbanner If you need further information about the #thebigbannerproject email me @ If you want to read the diary I keep during the run up to the project click here Here you can view the program of the Mackintosh Festival 2017 During the Mackintosh Festival in Glasgow, I will be running a number ofContinue reading “The Big Banner project, an art project #crmackintoshbanner2017”

Mackintosh and his technicolor dream stencil or 24 #bigroses at The Lighthouse !!!

Sometimes one image says a thousand words !!!  Here are our words @ The Lighthouse yesterday when I made colours available to the stencillers of #thebigrose !!!

In Helensburgh 24 #bigroses lead the way from the station to The Mack Club

This week saw #Thebigroses back in Helensburgh but this time right in the centre of the town when The Mackintosh Club  hosted a masterclass in stencilling in its glorious premises at 40, Sinclair Street, 2 up… Local ladies arrived at 10am on the dot, two of them were local artists Lesley Carruthers and Mary Batchelor. TheyContinue reading “In Helensburgh 24 #bigroses lead the way from the station to The Mack Club”

STENCILLING CLASS !!! 22nd/23rd October – The House for an Art Lover

Pushing paint through the holes of a template to produce a design, could be the most simplistic definition of stencilling but probably the most accurate ! Off course you use a brush ! The best thing about Stencilling is the beautiful result anyone can get without being specifically artistic. I love the way participants all usingContinue reading “STENCILLING CLASS !!! 22nd/23rd October – The House for an Art Lover”

24 #Big roses at The Mackintosh Church A Pure Dead Brilliant experience !

Queens Cross Church in the Maryhill Area of Glasgow is the only church that Mackintosh fully built. Thats may be why locally we call it The Mackintosh Church. It’s located at the cross road of Maryhill and Garcube roads next door to Partick Thistle football grounds in a really popular area of Glasgow. Locals rememberContinue reading “24 #Big roses at The Mackintosh Church A Pure Dead Brilliant experience !”

24 #bigroses at The Hill House

This morning, 24 beautiful ordered large cabbage roses are adorning the lawn in front of  The Hill House in Helensburgh, that Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed for the publisher Blackie in the early 1900’s, a pure Scottish Art Nouveau Gem ! They are the result of the first day of  #thebigroseproject , an art project I am running thisContinue reading “24 #bigroses at The Hill House”

#thebigrose update ! One week to go !!!!

This week marks the beginning of the Autumn season and the last week before the Mackintosh festival kicks in ! The leaves have started coming down on my garden path and #thebigrose I stencilled a while ago are fading gracefully … They remind me that in a week tomorrow I will be packing up stencilsContinue reading “#thebigrose update ! One week to go !!!!”

Doors open days !!!

Last week was Glasgow dod  (Glasgow Door open days) a week long festival part of a huge international movement which consist in opening doors of historic buildings who are normally not open to the public. It’s a huge thing in Glasgow, a week long festival with  heritage talks, opened buildings, guided tours, and douzains ofContinue reading “Doors open days !!!”