“The Indigo Plot” Studio boxes Autumn 2022

Studio boxes are back… and this year they are very special. Every autumn/winter I run through my studio stash and make up some studio boxes with samples or surplus of fabric and paper printed, inks, pastes and various other creative items, ingredients I want to share around. Usually they are samples I made for classesContinue reading ““The Indigo Plot” Studio boxes Autumn 2022″

My Indigo diaries 2022 – Day 1 – Planting Japanese Indigo (Persicaria Tinctoria) seeds

Japanese Indigo or Persicaria Tinctoria, originated from China and Vietnam and is an annual dye plant, part of the Buckwheat family and producing blue pigment (with a high count of Indican the precursor of Indigo). It is Frost tender and has a fast growth (16 weeks in my case from planting the seeds to firstContinue reading “My Indigo diaries 2022 – Day 1 – Planting Japanese Indigo (Persicaria Tinctoria) seeds”