Kits for an easy make

Creativity can take many forms but sometimes you lack confidence and need a little help to get started. If you want my helping hand along the way but cant make it to a workshop then one of my kits will help you to start your journey into Indigo or Eco Printing.

My kits come with full instructions and great ingredients, lovely organic dyes, hand woven silk and cotton scarves from South East Asia and India. The Instructions are yours to keep and adapt to your own material and ingredients.

Enjoy creating in the comfort of your own home using Indigo and Natural dyes… If you decide to take your creativity further you can join one of my online classes

Silk Scarf printing Indigo Shibori Kit for UK delivery

Indigo blue is one of the most beautiful colour on Earth. Praised by many it has the reputation to be hard to get… Many cant face building an Indigo Vat and yet it is possible to put together a simple small vat to produce beautiful crisp patterns…. My Indigo Kit will allow you to build a small vat of 5 Litres of dark blue Indigo even if you are a beginner. The Hydrosulphate vat is almost guarantee to “work” and will give you a deep blue without having to go through the trauma of many dips. It comes with all ingredients needed to built the vat and a beautiful natural Silk scarf produced in lovely small communities from Northern Thailand. With simple instructions you will be able to put together a small vat in a 5 litres container and fold and tie the scarf to dip it in the vat. You will also hear about the finishing technique. From this pack you will get: – Two new skills (indigo vat building, and Indigo tie dye. – An Indigo vat to use for more projects. – A tutorial. You will be able to reuse your vat after your scarf is dyed. After receiving your pack you will get a link to my online instructions.


Silk Scarf printing Indigo Shibori Kit for Overseas delivery

As above Silk Scarf and Indigo kit but for delivery from the UK to Overseas destinations


Silk Scarf and Natural Dyes kit for UK delivery

This kit offers eco printers and natural dyers (even the beginners) the perfect tool to create a beautiful and unique eco printed and natural dyed silk scarf. The ingredients are ethically sourced in South Asia and South America and quite unique. The Silk scarf is made in a local community using the finest local silk (weft) and cotton (warp), and will take any colour beautifully. They will allow to create a unique scarf using the botanics in your area if you decide to Eco print it. The dyes are in their original wood form and as such will allow you to extract up to 5 dye bath each. The mordant will allow you to treat up to 1 kg of cloth (cellulose and silk). It contains: – a beautiful 45 cms x 140 cms, hand woven scarf from Northern Thailand, sourced in Chiangmai during my recent travel there. – 25 grs of Sapan wood, a sustainable dye, ethically sourced in Northern Thailand during my recent travels there which produce a beautiful range of pinks and reds. – 25 grs of Logwood, a sustainable dye, ethically sourced in Mexico and brought to Europe using a low carbon footprint route. It will give you strong blue to lovely pale violet depending on the dye bath. – 140 grs of dry mordant ready to mix to help creating great colours and give light fastness to your piece.. a set of instructions. I am a textile artist and work with Eco Printing and Eco Dyeing all year around teaching physical classes in Scotland and online workshops and travelling to Asia to swap skills with local groups. I have developed a mordant for cellulose and silk fibers which will give you great results with clear prints and vibrant colours from your leaves and dyes. If you are a natural dyer you will like playing with my two wood dyes, they will give you a range of colours if you modify the PH of the dye bath. If you are an eco printer you will love the brightness of the work you can achieve using my elements. My wood dyes can be reused several times unlike dye extracts. You can choose of the two colours for your silk scarf and use the other dye for material you have at home, I think the Logwood looks quite spectacular with the silk but its a personal choice.


Silk Scarf and Natural Dye Kit for Overseas delivery

As above but for delivery from UK delivery to Overseas destinations



I love teaching my craft, I share some knowledge and know how I have acquired over the years and in return get inspired by your creativity. With me you will learn a technique and work on a project. With each workshop your understanding of Eco Printing and Natural dyes will grow further. You can also interact in a private Facebook group I have set up so we can share results and and answer questions.

To book a space select your workshop and make a payment. You will receive a receipt and within a day or so a confirmation of your space.

To read a full description of each workshop scroll down to the bottom past all the booking buttons ….

Eco print and Indigo dye paper for Art online workshop UK participants

In a 3 hours workshop learn to Ecoprint paper and Indigo dye it after setting up a hydrosulfate vat. On zoom, 3 hours and suitable for beginners 23 January 2021 1pm to 4pm UK time


Ecoprinting and Indigo dye paper for Art online workshop Overseas participants

SAME AS ABOVE NO STARTER PACK 23rd January 1pm to 4pm UK time



Week end workshop to learn to create clear ecoprint on cellulosique and protein fabric with natural dye background. Over 2 sessions using zoom virtual platform 1st May and 2nd May 1pm to 4pm UK time






One session virtual workshop to learn how to eco-print on paper using a natural dye on 4th April from 1pm to 3pm UK time.





Black & White, 4 weeks Printing and Mark Making with Tannin and Iron

A 4 weeks workshop (4 sundays) from 10am to 1pm online with zoom to learn to make the most out of Oak gall tannin and iron, we print, make ink, make printing paste and discharge fabric and paper. A starter pack is available for UK participants for overseas enquire on postage costs. Starts on 20th of June 1pm to 4pm for 4 weeks UK time


Black and White, Starter pack for the Black and White workshop

Starter pack for UK participants of the Black and White workshop … contains Oak gall, ferrous sulfate, and all other ingredients you need for the 4 processes as well as a printing screen and a chinese calligraphy brush for overseas orders please enquire in postage costs



A two days workshop in collaboration with Cassandra Barron bookbinder in Ecoprinting and Bookbinding. Over a live workshop, some videos and a show and tell make a number of hand stitched books with the ecoprinted paper/fabric you will have produced. A starter pack is included for UK participants. On 1st and 16th of May






A four weeks online workshop exploring the magic of the ferrous vat. We will explore setting up a vat, dyeing with it, creating a printing paste with the Indigo and discharging cloth dyed with it. This workshop is perfect for textile lovers, stitchers, packwork quilters. 4 sundays starting 9th may for 4 weeks from 1pm to 4pm UK time. A starter pack is available for UK participants or at extra shipping cost to overseas participants


INDIGO STORY STARTER PACK. (cost for UK participants, enquire of extra shipping cost)

Starter pack including Natural Indian Indigo paste, other ingredients, a screen for printing or discharge. This cost is for UK participants, If you order this pack and live elsewhere email me and I will advise of shipping costs to you



A two sessions online workshop about nuno felting with specialist Ewa Kuniszac and Ecoprinting both on the felted piece and on a recycled wool piece some Eucaliptus leaves for red prints… This will be carried over zoom and can be completed in a tablet holder. A starter pack is available below to UK participants, for overseas location email for shipping price. On 3rd april and 26th april 13, 16 th



In this pack you will find wool, felting plastic and tools and eucalyptus leaves to follow the workshop above. For UK participants, for overseas orders enquire on postage


Eco Printing on paper for Art online workshop

This is an online workshop on zoom. During a two hours session we will learn a simple Eco Printing technique for work on paper using a natural dye, simple like Onion skin or a more established one like Logwood. I will run the workshop live, it will be recorded and the video shared for 4 weeks, I will also share a PDF instructions. This is a simple but really effective technique to print both fresh and dried leaves. This workshop is perfect for beginners.

Black and White a four weeks technique using Tannin and Iron

This is a 4 weeks workshop online were we will explore the potential of using Oak gall tannin and tannin. We will learn how to use it to print background to Eco Prints, to transform it into an Ink, modify its colour using Ph shifts, we will make a printing paste out of it to use for screening, stencilling and stamping as well as a discharge to also use for printing. We will work through a progression of technique using the same two elements creating very unique pieces. The workshop is ran on zoom in 4 sessions and one show and tell session. All sessions are available via video replay and a PDF instructions will be available to participants.

This workshop is available for beginners as well as more advanced participants. There is a great scope for working in specific area each participant is interested in both in paper or fabric


This two days workshop is perfect for those who want to learn how to get clear Eco Prints on both cellulose fabric or silk using a natural dye for a clean background. For complete beginners and more advance printers. We will get to grips preparing your fabrics as well as mordanting them, extracting natural dyes, preparing blankets, selecting leaves and printing. Finally finishing our fabric to a high standard.

The sessions will be live on zoom and recorded before being shared for replay to participants for 4 weeks together with a pdf instructions. There is a starter pack available. We will use tannin and Logwood dye on silk, cotton and bamboo.


This is a collaboration workshop with Felting artist Ewa Kuczniac. In two sessions over two separate week ends we will learn to Nano felt some wool and Eco Print it as well as a piece of recycled wool using Eucalyptus leaves to create beautiful strong orange prints. With the completed wool you will have the chance to create a pouch for a tablet or a book.

This is the perfect workshop for a beginner who looks into making stunning prints. It is perfect for a winter time workshop when the other botanics are not yet there.

The two sessions will be ran on zoom with a video replay available for 4 weeks and a pdf instructions. We will meet for a glorious show and tell to share our results.


This is an online workshop which combines two techniques, Eco printing and Indigo dyeing. In one session online of 3 hours we will Eco Print some leaves on paper, prepare an hydrosulfate Indigo vat and add Indigo to our prints. This workshop is ran online on zoom live and recorded for replay by the participants for up to 4 weeks, and a PDF instructions. This workshop is perfect for beginners, for multi media artists, to produce art work, greeting cards…

You will learn two techniques Eco printing and Indigo vat building.


This two sessions workshop is a collaborative workshop with Edinburgh bookbinder Cassandra Barron from Bookbinding with Cass. We will spend one live session getting to grips with Ecoprinting on paper using the gorgeous Sapanwood and tannin and iron on fabric and paper. It will be followed by bookbinding sessions via video links with Cassandra Barron. We will have a wonderful Show and Tell session to discuss our results. You will make 3 books using those two techniques and end up with a lot of additional Art work.

All sessions will be recorded and video recording will be available for replay.

This workshop is perfect for beginners, for book lovers and eco printers


This is a four week online workshop for anyone in love with Indigo and mark making. We will learn to set up a ferrous vat and dyeing with it flat and shibori, we will use paste to resist the dye, turn Indigo into a printing paste, discharge it to create pattern. We will learn to finish our pieces and maintain our vat.

This is ran over 4 weeks on zoom with a video replay for participants to access for 4 weeks and a PDF instructions to keep.

This is perfect for textile lovers and a starter pack is available to UK participants or overseas at an extra shipping cost. It contains Organic Indian Indigo.


To find out about my next zoom workshops please check here :

Learn with me


Indigo may


blanket work


In April 2020 I turned 60 and just as my textile business was doing well and I was enjoying face to face natural dyeing workshops with very small groups in my own lovely studio… COVID19 dropped a bomb on me and I had to start teaching online… ON ZOOM !

I am from this generation that wrote at school with an inkpen… better not to be left-handed…  and then a fountain pen… I learned to copy type using a mechanical type writer … then an electric one… we did not have a phone at home until I was 18… I lived abroad in my 20’s cut off from my family without the comfort of whatsap, face time, and the internet… we wrote paper letters… my first Art business was essentially paper full, only finding a IT use for it… and I remember sending my new course programs to potential participants through paper mailing… So you could say I am a bit old school…

But then OMG I discovered Facebook in 2005 when off for a summer and being scared to be bored…  and then Instagram when I decided I wanted to share more photos TO THE WORLD… as my family rightly says I was unleashed… and at some point I switched from posting personal stuff on Facebook to going professional, every other posting had a stencil or a piece of fabric… I had always had this thing about networking before … so what not to like to do this online? Facebook groups about Eco Printing allowed me to call The World my Village and to meet people from the other side of the world and exchange techniques…

Other middle age ladies get offered expensive jewellery for birthday or Christmas my husband know better and know I will find the use for one of the lastest smart phone in the market… I do not sit in front of a computer… I am in the park on my phone like any other young (at heart) person:)

I made easy connections with people from South East Asia and discovered I wanted to visit Bali and so on and so forth… but not like an observer… very much like a participant and an organiser…  This very blog starting distributing to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc… in one touch of a button…

I am a techno babe and I love my phone… my challenge is to do EVERYTHING with it … I love to be able to send a photo of my work in the touch of a button within minutes to someone on the other side of the world instead of having to pay a premium and spend 24 hours waiting for a physical slide to send by post as we used to do in the 1990’s…

So in April 2020 I gave in and I set up an account with Zoom ! I have turned 60 and I now run my workshops online… That means a lot of changes and extra work… but so much reward…

I could be the half empty glass girl and say it has been a problem and that I cant wait to get back to normal… but actually I want to be that half full glass girl and rejoice about the fact I can have now participants from the US, Australia, Sweden, Belgium and Holland taking part all at the same time…  My work is done here… Off course I will be so happy when it is finally (and soon I hope) safe to welcome lovely participants into my space but in the meantime find me on zoom !

Change is difficult and many resist and mourn the good old days.. but if you accept it and embrace it… there is always a silver lining… I always find my silver lining … make sure you don’t mourn for too long…  you will go past serious fun !

I look forward to meet you on one of my sessions wether it is on Zoom or Facebook live I have a lot to share with you … and to learn from you …

Have a great day

Betty x

Make Merit ! creatively … Eco Printing and Indigo dyeing scarves in Thailand to combat COVIT19

This is the story of 19 unique pieces of wearable art created in Northern Thailand by my very good friend Mann, to help combat COVIT19 … please read and if you can fall in Love with one of those scarves… you too … Make Merit… you will like it…

It starts here !

I have a very big Love for Thailand and Thai people, I have been travelling there for the past 14 years and I have many friends there, all great people, kind, gentle, and very very caring. I am so sad that they also have to cope with the COVIT19 Virus, and isolate and stop working because for sure their safety network is far from what we have in the Western world… No Government grant for self employed or salary replacement to coax you to stay home… No magical funding to create large numerous Nightingale hospitals all over the country… They are hard working people and will be very affected by this crisis. Harder than we will be in the West.

My very dear friends, the creative ones are pulling all the stops to help their country to face the crisis, each in their own way, helping family and friends who have to isolate, many making masks and while it seems in the West we are not convinced that a home made mask is of use against this virus, in the East people wear masks very often to prevent spreading of illness and this is not any different as usual… we are unwell we wear a mask. Many many make masks nowadays.

My very good friend Prach Niyomkar is a textile artist in Sakon Nakhon, he runs  Mann Craft, a dye garden and studio. He earns a living from his art, he makes Art and teaches Indigo and Natural dyes… the virus is affecting his business like it is affecting mine but while I will be getting a grant from the Government, Mann will have to make it work by himself and somehow I think the world can be unfair…


His work is beautiful, and meaningful and he decided to make a unique serial of scarves to help with the Virus… 19 scarves for Virus 19, they are beautiful things… Hand woven local cotton, decorated using Indigo dye and Eco Print… each in a unique way. They are a beautiful piece of wearable Art to get and keep as a memory that creativity can win the day even when the situation is quite uniquely difficult … But the most important thing… Mann will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of those scarves to a local hospital to help with the battle agains the virus.


In Thai Culture this is called MAKING MERIT… and I feel so overwhelmed by this kind of generosity.

good deed

The thing is … You dont have to be Thai to Make Merit… You can purchase one of those scarves knowing that you have acquired a unique piece of wearable art made by a Thai artist… but every time you will wear it… you will be surrounded by the good feel that helped creating it. Their cost is 19 000 Thai Baht, not much in Western money for a unique piece of wearable Art.

blue 1

I have “pinched” a few photos from Mann’s website to show you the process which is quite unique and the scarves… I could not resist buying one, because I LOVE his Art and also because I know how much good will my purchase do… I too want to MAKE MERIT… Thai people give me so much Love and Care regularly I feel I owe them to this time “Take Care” of them a little bit… And I like supporting my friend Mann’s effort… it is a big input from him and he can only achieve his goal if his friends also help.


Take a look in the confort of your home and may be you will fall in Love with one of those scarves and decide to purchase it… Your cash would go a long way there… and it will take time to have it shipped here… the dreaded Virus has slowed down everything… but it is worth it… It is for a good cause … and the are GORGEOUS…

If you want to become the proud owner of one of Mann’s scarves … you can email me and I will put you in touch with Mann or you can use the FB page as the above link and contact him by messenger… His English is great and he is very friendly.

I hope you are all staying safe at Home.


Betty x

Blue Prints, four week workshop in Printing Botanical and Blue

You have to love anything Blue and Crips 🙂 blue and white china, blue and white chintz, blue and white Indigo Shibori … I cant take my eyes away everytime I come in contact with this combination…. and so many of my techniques draw on blue and white… so many of my techniques use Botanical elements…

For that reason I have decided to offer to 6 mark making lovers, textile lovers, multi media lovers… a block of 4 workshops using those techniques to create artwork … four delightful afternoon in my cosy studio using my cyanotype lamp to create prints out of stencils and flat leaves… create crisp patterns on white recycled cotton out of very large Indigo vat, to make Botanical patterns out of the local park leaves… how to dye from blue to purple with Logwood.

It should be a voyage of discovery, four great techniques in their own right which can also be mixed to create delightful art work…

To read about and book for this event look here

I look forward to meet the Blue and Botanic lovers in my lovely space.

Have a great day.


Betty xx

Printing in Woodlands, a FREE Eco Printing, Upcycling and Skills Sharing Exhibition at the Glasgow Botanical garden


Please Visit “Printing in Woodlands” on the 29th February and 1st March between 10am and 4pm in the Glasgow Botanical Gardens… It is a beautiful celebration of everything Eco, and sharing AND IT IS FREE.

When the world is worried about climate change and cutting down consumption many are trying to find a new way to live, work and create in a sustainable manner…. I don’t have to search too much… not wasting, not buying, recycling, sharing, reusing, remaking has been my way of life for the past 50 years at least … since I was a little girl in North of France and I learned about pollution…

I live my life as an Eco-Upcycler artist… I print the leaves from my local area on recycled fabric and this past year I have done so with my local community in the Woodlands Community garden… we produced beautiful pieces out of recycled bed linen donated by a local bed and breakfast in a big pot on a fire in the middle of the garden… the creators were the gardeners with next to no experience…

I love sharing my skills with people… not artist… just people because they push my boundaries further and make me stretch out my knowledge to “make it work no matter what we use”. I have just had so much fun working with the community. The printers were gardeners, not artists… and visitors to the project. The result was outstanding way beyond my wildest dreams… We produced so many nice pieces out of old rags… printing some local weeds…

I liked that project so much I decided to extend it when travelling to Northern Thailand recently  and to share my skills with the local community (artists, local weavers groups, university students). They taught me how to dye with Anneto seeds and maintain a fermented Indigo Vat… I learned about natural mordant  and I taught them to Eco Print… We worked with their local leaves out of their large pots and steamers and on a log fire outdoor… the cloth again was donated although sometimes very beautiful. I cant speak the language and this time I travelled in areas where next to no english is spoken… but its amazing how far you get out a few words and a smile. I came back with a few great pieces and some new friendships… Many places I arrived as a foreigner and left as a friend having to promise to visit again… I visited places where they don’t buy cloth… they plant the seeds, harvest, spin and weave… it makes very important that you make something beautiful out of what you are given. And we did…..

So it is important to me to share further and I have put together my favourite pieces and some friend artists at the Glasgow Botanical garden during the week end of the 29th Feb and 1st of March… Please join us in the Kibble Palace South Wing… from 10 to 4 both days we will celebrate… Eco Printing, Recycling, Friendship, Skill shares and many other creative things….   You will see there…

From Woodlands to Thailand pieces:

On display will be our beautiful Eco Printed pieces made in Glasgow and in Thailand, every piece is a celebration of sharing and learning together. Our communion with Nature. From the pieces made in the garden in Woodlands to the first time pieces made by remote weavers community from Northern Thailand every piece is unique.

Every piece is a celebration of my “village” work.

How Far does the Hand Reach:

On special loan will be the 100 eco printed pieces quilt of “How Far does the Hand Reach” … a story of sisterhood and communication with Nature initiated by Eco Artist Maria Clark Wilson in 2019. As a Master’s completion project Maria Botanical Being built a global community of 100 Eco Artist (99 plus me)  from Indonesia to Scotland via the USA who each printed a square of silk with their local signature. The quilt is a great story of collaboration and will be on loan for the week end.

On the 29th  we will share making :

Mann craft (Mann Craft instagram) my Thai friend from Sakon Nakkhon (the Indigo Capital of Thailand) will visit on the 29th and share his Tie Dyeing with Indigo

Carola Mokveld (Carola’s website) from Holland is a Cyanotype artist and she will share the magic of her printing on the 29th

Cassandra Barron ((Bookbinding with Cass FB) a bookbinder from Edinburgh will be sharing her bookbinding and showing her botanical books

The exhibition is FREE because everything we are using is RECYCLE…. because all the artists are donating their time… because the Botanical Gardens is welcoming us for FREE… Because it is a community project….   (Off course you can give a donation :))

IT IS NOT FUNDED BY ANY ORGANISATION !!!!  I want to share this with you because I want to believe that beyond political chat and funding bodies  we can do great things together without exchange of money, without damaging the Earth and when we come together and share our resources we can produce great things….


See you in the Gardens…


Betty xx



#2019 CraftsNine challenge – a year full of learning crafts in a challenge ! an Year end Update !

What a full creative year it has been and only one day before we turn the leaf towards 2020 I have to reflect on my 2019 Crafts Nine challenge over the past 12 months…

I decided at the beginning of the year I needed a focus and some direction for my creativity and it is so difficult to decide what is important when your interest is pulled in many directions so I set up 9 targets and now I feel it is time to review them and see what progress I have made. I though I had a real focus in those areas and now I feel may be I was ambitious… but you never know… Its is good to have some ambition…

I have my focus for next year but I want to take a few minutes to review how successful I was during this year at following my focus…

My 9 projects for 2019

1 – Embroidery: I will learn to use simple embroidery inspired by the South East of Asia Hill Tribe in my textile work. I have brought back from Thailand a simple step by step guide … in Lanna language 🙂 but with sketches…

I did not quite get to the Lanna embroidery but I gave a good start at some Sashiko slowstitch this year. It was a lovely way to start working with a needle and I ran some workshops in the autumn with my friend Cassandra Barron the Bookbinder and we stitched some recycled denim and make the result into a book.

I will be running some FREE Slow-stitch workshops in Glasgow in the Woodlands community garden from January to March this Spring, this is a lovely Community Garden in the West end. We meet on Wednesday between 1 and 4 most Wednesday.  For Information look at our Face book page  Printing in Woodlands

2 – Batik work: I will add to my Indigo work some simple Batik technique, probably not as skilled as this beautiful work I saw in at the creative market of the Chiangmai design week but in the same direction.

Access to the Batik technique was not as easy as I though it would be, once in Bali for Aboubakar Fofana at The Threads of Life I tried my hand only a bit at using wax before Indigo, with a brush, it was very satisfying but I would like to try my hand at using the cantering way of applying wax now.

3 – Eco-Dye: I had the great chance to experiment with Eco-dyes in Thailand this winter using local dyes to there and I want to experiment further with this technique using local botanical elements to my home in Scotland.

This has been my very big success this year, I have sourced and used quite a few new natural dyes and I am happy to say from the natural element, and I have incorporated those in my own Eco Printing classes. I like very much working from the Botanical in opposition to just using an extract. I feel more connected with Nature and with the artisans who used Natural Dyes in days past. I have been able to try my hand at Sapan wood, Logwood, Mangosteen, Cochineal, Weld, and many others. I have done much work to understand and be able to control the Ph of a Natural dye and therefore its tonality, Chalk gives Madder a redder red, Iron gives Sapan Wood more purple. Nature is wonderful and its great to understand it.

I have also been very lucky to attend a workshop on making and using Printing pastes with Leentje Van Hengel and I found using them magical because of their interaction with the natural prints they seat on. I will be incorporating this in my own workshops this year.

4 – Adorn: I will make a point of using in my mix media pieces, some of the “treasures” I have gathered when travelling, here beads from my last holidays. It makes projects so much more meaningful, I have in mind a batch of hand stitched bracelets.

This just did not happen… not enough time in my hands…

5 : Eco Print: I will work on my Eco Printing composition techniques, I have booked myself on a master workshop with the great Irit Dulman for the summer and cant wait to catch Irit’s techniques.

This has been a life changing workshop… I found Irit a complete inspiration and I like her strict approach to technique, I have adopted her mordants and transformed her recipe to fit my own work and my own workshops.  I have transformed her tannin blanket into a dye textured blanket and I can say my Eco Printing work has changed dramatically as if I had switched a switch from coming back from Irit’s workshop.  I now feel I have so much more control over my results… that is probably my biggest success this year.

6 : Sewing: I will make this little dress/shirt I bought the pattern for last year. I know it is not an essential part of my practise but it is good to do something different and complete a project you have dreamed about…

7 : Pottery: I will make a point of throwing more pots on the wheel… I had a glorious day in Chiang Mai last december working at the InClay studio and now I cant wait to find a local studio to my Glasgow Home to get the chance to have another go…

5 : Eco Print: I will work on my Eco Printing composition techniques, I have booked myself on a master workshop with the great Irit Dulman for the summer and cant wait to catch Irit’s techniques.

6 : Sewing: I will make this little dress/shirt I bought the pattern for last year. I know it is not an essential part of my practise but it is good to do something different and complete a project you have dreamed about…

Big failure I guess not enough time in my hands… I will carry this forward.

7 : Pottery: I will make a point of throwing more pots on the wheel… I had a glorious day in Chiang Mai last december working at the InClay studio and now I cant wait to find a local studio to my Glasgow Home to get the chance to have another go…

Again not enough time… I took on weaving instead… still in Chiangmai though…

8 : Texture Stencilling: … Nop

9 : Making my own tools… Nop

But one not planned addition is my interaction with Indigo of this year and how this is going to influence my 2020 focus… I was so very lucky to work with many groups this year with my natural vat … well my natural Indigo but thiox vat 😦 still … I am getting quite good at very large vats and great shibori patterns… but then in November I was blessed with attending a workshop in Bali with Aboubakar Fofana in Fermented Indigo and in the passing we made a couple of fructose reduced vats and played with leaves… a true magical moment that has given me such an insight into Indigo vats setting up and management… So my first focus for 2020 is setting up a 150 liter Indigo fructose vat and we will see how that goes…

I am sitting my the Fire enjoying a hot cup of tea as we do in Scotland when the weather has turned nasty and there is not much to do outside.. and looking back I am quite happy with myself and my trials and tribulations this year… Learned a lot and gathered some interest in other techniques.. so definitively there will be a craft9 for 2020.

Best wishes for the New Year to you and family… I hope you have yourself set up your creative challenges…


Betty xx